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Name: Aurelius Straithcairn
Age: 1478, appears in his mid thirties
Race: Therianised Human, originating from the Shadowlands
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft 2’
Appearance: Aurelius has dark brown, short, slightly curly hair, dark brows and intense hazel-green eyes. A neatly trimmed goatee frames his jaw line and full, sensual lips. Always sensibly dressed, Aurelius is most at home in comfortable hiking-style clothes; jeans, good boots and loose over-shirts. Dressed in a suit, he cuts a dashing, fascinating figure. Put him in Elizabethan-style clothing and he’s well nigh irresistible… and just as hard to stop waxing poetic.
On Aurelius' left wrist, extending in a mangled and lumpy line up his fore arm is a lurid, livid scar, a lasting reminder of an encounter with a evil sorceress, the self same sorceress who warped his blood with a therianthropic curse.

Personality: Aurelius is a quiet, serious man, much given to contemplation and the patient study of things. A hopeless romantic, Aurelius writes copious poetry – most of it sickeningly flowery – and calls upon the Nine Muses. When not watching things or writing little love-notes, Aurelius occupies himself with woodcarvings and lending a hand about a place. Witty and approachable, Aurelius’ life has run full circle, through torment and wonder, torture and discovery, to heartache and redemption.

Abilities: Due to the alterations in his blood, Aurelius has the ability to fully and completely assume the form of most mammalian predators. When he is in the form of a tiger, his personality and instincts are wholly that of a natural male tiger, the same can be said when he assumes a wolf form, or any of the other warm-blooded land predators. Whilst in his other forms, he is still Aurelius the man, but that man has no bearing on the current form - there fore, if he knows you, he wont eat you, but he cant communicate as his human self, nor quite perceive things in the same manner. Aurelius does not borrow the form, he becomes it.


Aurelius is Fïnealin and Keirallä's father, though at this state neither he or his children are aware of that fact.

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Prince of the Pen

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. - Marcus Aurelius.

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