Character Details - Ming Ue Zhi

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Name: Ming Ue Zhi (pronounced Ming U-e (U-wei) Ji)

Means: Bright Moon Orchid, Ming also means noble character and true friendship

Draconic Form:
Age: Indeterminate
Eyes: Deep emerald green
Race (affilitiation): Draconic Silver (Virtue)
Length: Approximately 75 ft (snout to tail tip)

Human Form (not used often):
Age: 27 (give or take)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’ 6”

Abilities: Breathes lightning

Light-hearted and friendly, highly inquisitive Ming is proud and intelligent. Once she has decided on something, be it friendship or fight, she holds true to her pledge, acting as honourably and faithfully as possible.

Brief History:
Ming Ue Zhi grew up on Draguin a metal dragon (that is a Dragon of Virtue).

Normally, she does not get actively involved in day to day human affairs, except to learn of their music lore, but every once in a while she does like to walk amongst them and is subject to all human frailties. When called for she will, however, defend the human’s when called to either by honour or by Gold Council.

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Ming Ue Zhi - Silver Dragon

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