Character Details - Dara Cole

Written by Drake SilverwingCreated : 1-Jul-2004 10:36:29 am
Last Edited : 7-Oct-2004 11:50:09 pm

Age: Looks 23 330 in elven years

Height: 5"6"

Race: Elven/Human

Family: Daughter of Drake Cole Silverwing & Gwen Winterhaven


Slender form, full bodied with the features of any high born elven. Large ears with long blonde hair that she likes to braid in the back. Almond shaped Blue eyes like her fathers. Can seen dressed in a white blouse with green vines and leaves running along the cuffs and neck line. A short blue skirt that hits just above her knees with tall black boots that hugs her slender calves.

Occupation: A teacher in the black arts, though she walks a fine line between the light and dark.

Weapons: Always carries a thin elven made dagger hidden near the small of her back, always within easy reach.

Born out of wedlock, her mother had kept her away from Drake, not telling him that he had a daughter until after her passing. A special child as the early age of three, Dara learned to read and write. She was schooled in the dark arts, along with the light, so that someday she would be able to help her father fight the dark magic that his Quicksilver pendents shyed away from. She was soon found by Drake and Sierra, and brought back home to the cottage by the Dragon Inn where she's lived ever since.

Now, ten years later she has come to Collegia to study and teach at the Mage hall.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Renee' Zellweger