Character Details - Morienne La'Tege

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Name: Morienne La'Tege (Ma'Kell)
Meaning: Passionate Heart (Wanderer)
Age: 300(ish)
Eyes: Steel grey
Hair: Honey blonde
Height: 6' 1"


Morienne is a quiet, shy young woman, but with her father's sense of justice and fairness. She also has his passion, but hasn't discovered this yet.


Morienne has no memory of her mother or father. According to her maternal grandparents, who she lives with, her mother was a fair and beautiful woman tricked into marrying a powerful Lord, who was allied to the Royal Family of her home planet. When her mother was killed by her father's inaction, they took her away. Morienne has always doubted the truth of this story.

Despite claiming they took her for her own good, Morienne's grandparents have done very little of her actual raising. This was done by her nurse, Sabine. Sabine ensured that Morienne was roundly educated, and as such she can ride horses very well, and is more than capable of defending herself should the need arise. Sabine also taught her that she has a gift for magic, but her grandparents are terrified by this, and have refused to have her tutored. Sabine managed to teach the young woman to portal, but at the moment this is all she cand do.

Recently, Morienne has left her childhood home on a quest to find her father. She discovered he was alive quite by accident, overhearing and arguement between Sabine and her grandmother. All Mori knows is that her father is named Alick Ma'Kell, and is a Lord on a distant planet.


Morienne has no birth or bondmarks, or any other marks. She does, however, carry the pendant her mother gave her when she was born, but is unable to open the locket on it.

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