Character Details - N'atayo D'Riel (Nate)

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 13-Jun-2004 1:58:02 am
Last Edited : 6-Oct-2005 12:15:11 am

Name: N'ayato D'Riel

Age: 200,520

Apparent Age: 28

Race: Danna-Riel Elf/Felinumeara (tiger clan)

Hair: White

Eyes: Mint Green

Height: 6'2

Weight: 175

Home Planet: Whispin

Home City: Solar-Fae

Like all Danna-Riel Nate is broad shouldered, tall, densely muscled, and has cat slit multifaceted eyes that allow him to see in darkness.  Along with these fascinating eyes he also possesses a retractable eyelid that helps shield his eyes when the need arises.  Shoulder length white hair is worn pulled back into a braid that is tucked into the back of his shirt when engaged in battle so as not to give an enemy any undue advantage in capturing him. In addition to all of this he also has the typical organ redundancies of his race, which usually remain dormant until they are needed.

Unlike the rest of his race, however, Nate has not conduit. It is believed that due to the fact his father was Danna-Riel and his mother was felinumeara the feline elf genes stunted the development of Nate's conduit.  Due to this his ability to wield magic is channeled through his body instead of a conduit and thus does not have as much power as one who posses a conduit.  This; however, does not mean that Nate is not a formidable adversary only that he is different.

It is because of this difference that Nate keeps mostly to himself being much more reclusive than your average Danna-Riel.  He keeps mostly to himself secluding himself with his writings, drawings, and books.  By trade he is a scroll keeper, but in his heart he dreams of what lay beyond the wards and past the bloodshed in lands where the Nuru'kh-ai do not exist.


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