Character Details - Rhyan K'Tral Black

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 11-Jun-2004 2:45:43 pm
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Name: Rhyan K'Tral Black

Age: 300

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Turquoise

Clan: Tiger

Race: Human/Felinumeara

Life: Aer'Hon (1)

Bonds: Fei'La (maternal bond) Rhiannon

Appearence: Rhyan is the first born child of Rhiannon and Tobin Black. He is a perfect blending of both his parents characteristics, however, he shows none of his mother's tiger striping an appears totally human. He keeps his blond hair cut short finding it easier than tying it back like most other males of his mothers race. His eyes are a piercing blue green and often show everything that he thinks or feels before he opens his mouth. Due to the fact he has skin instead of fur Rhyan wears leather breaches most of the time or a loin cloth depending on season and where he is. Since he spends so much time in as little clothing Rhyan's lean well muscled body is evenly tanned. A dagger is kept at his hip at all times, he wears a broad sword slung across his back in an ornate scabbered of silver inlayed with copper.

Abilities: Rhyan is well versed in most forms of combat as all felinumeara offspring. However he prefers to use his sword or go hand to hand with his opponents. He is also a fair hunter, tracker, and survivalist knowing just enough herb lore to keep him from making deadly mistakes or take care of an illness until reaching a profienct healer.

Demeanor: Well rounded and fun loving Rhyan is easy to smile, quick to laugh, and accepting of all. He has his mother's quick tongue and sarcastic nature when in a not so cheerful mood, however, and his temper is like hell fire when released.

History: Since he has never left the felinumeara village where he was born Rhyan doesn't have much of a history at this point and has lead a relativly uneventful life. (hoping to develope him a bit in the near future)

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Karl Urban *as cupid*