Character Details - Tia Black

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Physical Description:

Birth Name:Tiannon K’Tral Black 
Preferred Name:  Tiannon Black
Nick Name: Tia
Race: ½ Felinumeara, ½ Human
Apparent Age (if different): 22
Height:5 foot 3 
Build/Weight:150 pound, slightly pudgy but still considered thin 
Hair: Red with blond streaks
Eyes: Emerald Green  
Clothing:Hide halter top with hide skort both are usually some shade of green
Identifying Marks (if present): Tiger striping from just under her arm pits to her hips, small burn like scars about the size of half dollars or two pence pieces on the backs of her thighs.
Accent: Lilting purr when her emotions are high

Personal Information:

Personality: She is willful, opinionated, and in some cases excessively mouthy. The air around Tia often crackles with life and rings with her laughter. She is eager to experience every aspect that life has to offer and see the world beyond her village walls.


Skills and Abilities: Tia is well versed in the art of fighting with both tooth and claw as are all felinumeara. Her weapon of choice is a knife with a blade slightly larger than a dagger both in length and width that a razor sharp edge. She is also quite skilled with a bow. Like her mother’s entire race she has heightened senses of hearing, smell, and sight. Her eyes can shift from regular viewing to infravision allowing her to view the infrared spectrum if needed to pick out heat signatures in the dark. Tia also has all the normal abilities of one of her heritage that include hunting, tracking, heightened sense, and the ability to hold her breath for extended periods of time.

Weapons Used:Long knife or dagger

Background Information:

Marital Status:Single (involved)


Blood or Soul Bonds:Fela – her mother- Rhiannon K’Tral

Brief History:   Exceprt from an RP where Tia is telling part of her history to Balan Raven.

"I was born before the daga stopped raiding our villages. One day I was in the jungle looking for Rhyan, I wanted to ask him something and I knew his class was on a field trip. I don't know where they came from, I don't know how they got so close to the village without anyone knowing, but they were there. All around me filthy, ugly lizard men. They took me and it took me until we were two days from their city to win free of them. All total I was with them for six weeks and then it was six weeks back home across the Solian Plains." She stopped and looked straight at him the memories swimming hauntingly in the depths of her green eyes.

"They were ate me, Balan. I was nothing more than provisions for the trip home and toy when they were board." Standing Tia turned around and bent over, "do you see the scars on the backs of my thighs, the little circles that look kinda like burn marks; it is where they took hunks of my flesh for food." Returning to a fully vertical position she turned back around reclaiming her seat. "She should have been there, Balan. She should have been there to protect me because its not like she didn't know, but no matter how much I screamed through our bond she never came, never even answered."

Tia is currently involved with Balan Raven whom she loves more than life itself. 

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Tia smells and tastes like mint
  • Tia has nightmares about be captured by the daga
  • Tia is on her first life – Aer’Hon

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