Character Details - Kaylin Rain

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Age:350 (Felinumerean years) 3155 (Elen years)

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 135lbs

Hair: Reddish Gold

Eyes: Sea Green

Body Build: Lean, Lith, Elven

Appearence: Kaylin is six foot even with a lithe yet slightly muscular build. Golden hair streaked with red causing it to look like inside out flame is tied back in a braid making the slight points of her ears a bit more noticeable. Inevitably tiny wisps of hair always escape her braid to float about her oval shaped face giving her hair that slightly mussed look in front. Her eyes are almond shaped and sea green in color with long golden lashes. She prefers to wear form-fitting shorts, usually brown in color, with a white halter or tank top made of cotton. Completing her wardrobe is a pair of brow soft leather boots that come to just bellow the knee.

Kaylin also has several noticeable markings on her body. Her preferred style of dress makes it easy to see the onyx tiger striping that stretches from each temple down both sides of her body and covers the top portion of her arms from shoulder to fingers. In addition Kaylin also has a bond mark on the left side of her neck of a tiger lying down with a rose growing in the curve of the tigers body. On the right side of her neck just bellow the collarbone is a crescent shaped bite scar that is highly noticeable. Lastly between the thumb and index finger of her right hand she has a small rose thorn tearing into a heart with several small drops of blood dripping down.

Her sword, G'lantha, can be found resting in its gold inlaid scabbard across her back. The handle of the sword is crafted to look like a tiger’s paw and holds a tiger’s eye pommel stone that can be seen peeking over her left shoulder. Strapped to her right thigh is a specially designed knife, Fang, whose handle is crafted to look exactly like that of her sword so they are a match set. Lastly there is a small throwing dagger, Tooth, concealed in her left boot.

Demenaor: Kaylin is headstrong, oppinionated, blunt, tactless, and in some cases very proud. From the time she was very young this child of Rhiannon had to always learn things by trial and error. It made for many accidents and accounts for several of her scars. However this does not mean that she is unkind or uncharitable.

Kaylin will help anyone less fortunate than herself or who just seems to be going down a very unfortunate path. She has been known to take in strays of all kinds either biped or quadraped it makes no difference to her. More than once she has found herself having to rought it due to giving her last copper to some poor unfortunate that needed it more than she did.

Abilities: Kaylin was raised by Sarina Hippogriff who taught her how to use her inate elven gifts as well as a few other neat tricks. By no means is she a master of the art, but she can hold her own when in a tough spot. However, she is most proficent in areas where she can use her five senses to deal with a problem or issue.

Among her skills are hunting, tracking, forging, and all manor of weapons. She favors the sword, but also likes to use a long knife in close quarters. When no ready made weapon is availibe Kaylin will make due with what she has. If, that happens to be only her hands and feet then she weill fall back to the tooth and claw method of fighting employed by her mothers people.

History: At one time Kaylin was married to an dwarf by the name of HammerFist and they had four children. The lived in his dwarven home in the mountains to the north of the felinumeara village. It happened that HammerFist was mining with his children and there was a huge rock slide causing the tunnel they were in to collapse due to a main support beam giving out. Having lost her family and not wanting to be where her memories of them would be the strongest Kaylin left the dwarvin city to search for new adventures.

It was many years afte the death of her first husband that Kaylin met up with Rathorn. His blond hair and blue eyes were enough to catch her attention, but it was his kind heart and gentle ways that ensnared her heart. Settling down in his cottage they lived off the land as Rathorn was a woodsman. In time they had a son, Alex, who looked most like his grandfather Galain. However, again Kaylin was not to live forever in happiness with her family.

She was visiting her mother one summer when she returned to her home, which was on a different planet *havent thought of a name for it yet* to find that her husband and son had been slaughtered. Unknowing if this was the cause of animal or man as the scene seemed very old and there was no signe of prints be either man or animal having been washed away by the elements. Grieving beyond measure Kaylin left all her belongs and went back to her mothers people staying there in the felinumeara village for a while until she felt restless and went out once again to see what the world had to offer her.


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