Character Details - Jax KTral

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Name: Jax K’Tral

Age: 345

Height: 6’2"

Weight: 190lbs

Hair Color: Snow White

Eye Color: Cat Green

Body Build: lean, well muscled

Life: Aer'Hon (1)

Bonds: Fei'La (maternal) Rhiannon, Fei’Lo (paternal) X’Hart K’Tral (uncle), Aer'Fei'Kno ~ I'Solde Meara (sister), Aer'Fei'Kno ~ Rhyan K'Tral Black (brother), Aer'Fei'Kno ~ Terra K'Tral (cousin)

Appearance: The first thing most people notice about this child of Rhiannon is that his skin is a light blue color with tiger striping, although the hair on his head is snow white. Jax's coloring makes it hard to discern his eye color, but if you look close enough you can see they are cat green like his mother's. Following the felinumearan custom of wearing no clothes anyone can see that Jax is tall and lean with well-defined muscles.

From his left temple curving down in a backward kind of 'J' extends a scar gotten in one of many komorryn raids. Also at his right temple is a sharply angled scar that looks much like a '7' with a lightening bold kind of tail. This is the mark for the Aer'Tamdo bond he shares with Rellana Sotral, who is now his mate; so there are also two small dark blue dots at the curve of is left shoulder and neck.. the bite mark given for Neuth'Ra. There are other small inconsequential scars all about his broad chest, arms, and legs from the various different creatures he's found himself facing mostly komorryn, but also several of the wild creatures that live in the Kelvarian.

Where ever he goes Jax usually carries his spear with him, as it’s his favored weapon, leaving it just inside the door when visiting others. The spearhead is made of stone while the shaft is made of wood with glyphs branded into it. Just under the spearhead are several feathers of purple and yellow with a thong of beads. When standing still the spear point comes just to the tip of Jax's ear so he often uses it as a walking stick as well.

Demeanor: Having never known his father Jax is very big on playing the father figure for all of his brothers and sisters whether they had theirs or not. Family is more important to Jax than anything else. There are things he will do for his family that he will not do for another living soul. Anyone that tries to harm his family in anyway will be more than sorry for it as Jax's temper is extremely explosive when it comes to his kin and reason usually flies right out the window.

As for the rest of his life Jax is very reliable and helpful willing to do all the jobs no one else wants to do. More often than not he can be found in the village nursery while there is a social function going on attending to the fei an otherwise keeping out of everyone else's way. He is so dependable in fact that he has become the unofficial errand boy for the village running here and there between The Central Village and all the other smaller villages.

Always without question Jax follows the sacred laws of his people:

1) No Felinumeara shall kill except for food or in defense.

2) Never breed with any other genes except your own.

3) Embrace your emotions and live in each moment as if it were your last.

When he is unsure of a course of action and the laws do not seem to hold the answer he will then seek guidance from The Weaver.

Jax's only failing is that he tends to be bullheaded, once he has set his mind to something that is just the way it is. It doesn't matter how hard you try to change his mind, show him another way to do something, if he's got something in his mind a specific way there is no changing his view. If by some chance of fate he does change his mind then he is most likely going to be peevish for a few hours while he adjusts to being flawed.

Abilities: Jax is one of the top warriors in all of the felinumeara culture due to his innate ability to know something mere seconds before it happens. When he once asked his mother about this all she said was it must be something from your father. With this also comes his amazing ability to survive on his own in the wild for an indefinite amount of time. As he excels in all major forms of combat Jax is almost always one of the warriors to be fought in the Jumi Ceremony. His favored weapon, however, is the spear followed by the long knife.

History: Jax has spent his entire life on CathEska in service to his people, family, and The Weaver. Very early in life it was discovered that this odd son of Rhiannon had abilities the likes of which the felinumeara had never encountered before. As a baby when angry or upset objects would suddenly explode, catch fire, or be struck by lightening. Due to his uniqueness Jax was given into the care of his aunt La'Tah K'Tral due to her position as a Shia and the Shia of Discipline, O'tahk Mar'in, in an effort to teach him to control his emotions and his abilities. Because of this Jax views his Aunt and O'tahk as his parents though is loyalty and love for Rhiannon is no less than any son would have for his mother. Jax spent, the first 100 years of his life with La'Tah and O'tahk though he did attend school at The Weaver's Hall with the rest of the children his age. However, he was only allowed occassional visits to the central village to spend time with the rest of his family. It was not until The Weaver selected him for Jumi that Jax was allowed to rejoin the village as a perminant resident.

He has spent most of his adult life deeply in love with Rellana Sotral, Shia of Defense, never daring to tell her. During Quest For Peace with all the changes going on with his people Jax ventured to ask the lady to share Aer'Tamdo with him and upon accepting she was shown his true feelings for her thus they were are mated having completed Neuth'Ra. In the begining of Search For Truth, however, after much difficulties over a period of time The Great Weaver decided that the match was a mistake. Knocking both Jax and Rellana unconcious the Del'Felina erased all memories of them having ever been mated from their minds as well as the minds of all other felinumeara and replacing those memories with ones of the couple sharing nothing more than a close friendship instead.

Note ~ As Jax is not full blooded felinumeara and no one is really sure about the other half of his genes as well as the abilities he obvious inheritated from his father Jax was never required to become a Shia'Kno.

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