Character Details - Rhagi Riker D'Riel

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Name: Rhagi Riker D'Riel
Meaning of Name: Joy from Pain
Race: S'Hean elf, Terran and Corinian human
Age: early adulthood – 18 in Dark Weavings
Height: 5'10" – 178cm
Build/Weight: 165lbs – 75kg. Lanky filling out to broad
Hair: Auburn, shaggy, falling past his shoulders. Normally tied at the nape of his neck.
Eyes: bright D'Riel emerald, faceted
Complexion: olive tan
Identifying Marks: D'Riel insignia on his left shoulderblade
Clothing: Trousers and boots, and most often a light open-necked shirt, but sometimes bare-chested
Personal Items usually carried: a collection of thong necklaces, including a ghanya of blue and yellow beads, and a wolf claw

Personal Information:
Personality: On first impression, Rhagi is quiet, serious and shy. Though curious, he is very reserved around strangers. With friends and family he has an understated but evil deadpan sense of humour.

Rhagi is intensely loyal and caring, but he also tends to overthink things, sometimes to the point of inaction. He will listen and then brood rather than ask questions. The foundations of his life have been shaken in his childhood and it shows in his reticence. He is extremely bright and has an excellent analytical mind, but is slow to come to conclusions in case he's missed something. When learning something new he will display an animation and enthusiasm seldom otherwise seen.

Rhagi's fundamental preoccupation is to protect himself from pain, even if that means insulating himself from life's greater pleasures. This isn't so much a consequence of natural temperament as a conscious choice. When his guard is down, he is engaging and more physically attractive.

Occupation: Currently, Rhagi is studying under a tutor in Windemiire, no longer the heir to the S'Hean throne and technically free to choose whatever path he wants. That choice will be put off as long as possible.

Skills and Abilities: Rhagi has been trained in the Receptive aspects of The Talent, and is beginning his training in the Projective. Naturally sensitive and observant, his ability to read the people around him is considerable.

He has received a university-level education in both science and humanities, specialising in Botany and Anthropology.

He is an excellent rider and swimmer. He can also use a sword with a degree of technical proficiency but little flair or natural ability, and is trained in unarmed combat.

Family: Rhagi is the eldest son of Ghetsuhm Riker and Y'Roden D'Riel, born before they were married. His conception was in fact the result of rape, something of which Rhagi has recently become aware. For the first ten years of his life, he shuttled between his parent's respective homes, and as a result, he still regards Galain Alcarin as a step-father. He holds a deep-seated private loathing for his father's ex-wife Silverthorn.

He has two full brothers, R'Avyen and Den'Ayat, who are much younger than he is. On his mother's side, he has a half-sister and -brother, Aarien and Marius. On his father's side, he is close to Ro's children by Silverthorn: Fechine, Drysi, Yseult, and B'Roden.

Recently, Rhagi has taken Matt Becker, his old tutor, as a lover in a fairly casual relationship. He has come to terms with the idea of a sexual relationship, but still fiercely guards his heart against the weakness of love.

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