Character Details - Abbasinia Moonshine

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Name: Abbasinia Moonshine

Age: 30

Race: Human

Build: Lean, good muscle tone

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 145lbs

Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Hair: Black



Appearance: Abby is broad for a female having her father’s warrior build combined with all her mother’s grace and beauty. She usually wears her long black hair braided and tied off with a strap of leather. She has a peaches and cream complexion, full wide mouth, almond shaped eyes, long thick lashes, and a softer version of her father’s aristocratic nose compliments this picture. Having trained most of her life to be a warrior or soldier, preferring boy stuff to the endless boredom expected of young girls,  Abby’s body is lean and fit.  She wears a custom made corset of leather overlaid with an ornamental breastplate. At the base, around her abdomen, the plate is solid steal coming up in an ivy like pattern to curve around her breasts. From hips to mid-thigh she is covered by no more than a dark leather skirt that is slit up both sides to allow her a free range of motion. Feet and legs are clad in soft dark leather boots that lace all the way up to just below the knee. Gauntlets of steal done in the same ivy pattern as her breastplate help give her wrists support as well as shield them.

Demeanor: Abby has a rather odd demeanor to say the least. When it comes to battles, order, and keeping things running smoothly she is very businesslike and is all about getting the job done. Her proficiency for such things knows no bounds. When it comes to all other things in life Abby is at a loss often coming off as the klutzy airhead in the room. Things that would occurred to others as rude, abrasive, and just not done in civilized society do not enter Abby’s mind as being anything wrong or inappropriate showing just how much time she spends with her troops.



Abilities: Abby is proficient in all forms of combat. Her preferred weapons are a broad sword she wears strapped across her back, the lion head dagger attached to her right thigh, and cross bow. As well as being an excellent warrior Abby can track with the best of them being able to identify most animals and races by their footprints and other trail signs they leave when moving over most terrains. She has an exceptional sense of direction and almost never gets lost whether in familiar areas or not. Lastly, Abby has a brilliant strategic mind being able to see all scenarios and crawl inside her opponents mind.


History: Having never known her mother, who died in child birth, Abby was raised by her father, King Alexander of Drove, and was more interested in being a prince than a princess. At the age of five her father agreed to let her learn to ride. Instantly Abbasinia rejected the idea of doing so with a sidesaddle. Stealing tunic and trews from a stable boy she went into the barn, changed, and came out prepared to ride astride like any sensible person.


At the age of eight she finally managed to talk her father into letting the arms master teach her how to use bow and dagger claiming that it was a good idea in case she ever needed to defend or feed herself. All the while she was learning hunting and tracking from her father’s huntsman. In addition to this she had set her mind to learning what was in her father’s war room. It was not often that Drove had wars.. more like small skirmishes with Lords who got too big for their britches.. However... Abby was insanely curious about what was in the large forbidden room off the council chambers. So one night very late she snuck out of bed, down the hall, and pushed open the huge wooden doors entering the most interesting room she had ever been forbidden to enter. There was an enormous map upon the wall… scrolls scattered about the table … and Abby went to work investigating as much as she could until sleep claimed her. In the morning her father found her fast asleep on the huge oak strategy table covered with his map of the neighboring kingdom of Ya’Lith. It was then he realize his beloved child had been born the wrong gender and indulging her would not help the matter. However, indulge her he did hating to see any kind of sadness or displeasure touch her eyes.

Thus Abby’s training began as a warrior and continued on a daily basis until she was twenty years of age. It was then that Drove had its first major war in over three centuries. I will spare you the details .. as they are quite boring  ... however I will tell you that the king’s daughter was given her first command post. Throughout the entire encounter she shone, her abilities in command, strategy, and vast knowledge of the landscape aiding her people in ways her father could not even image possible. So impressed was King Alexander with his child that when the Captain of his guard was killed he gave the post to Abby. Since then Abbasinia has fought and won three other campaigns, however, in the last one she did lose her father and became Queen of Drover. Now she trusts her chief advisor Grophder to keep her from bumbling petty disputes, taxation, and the multitude of other issues that plague a ruler.

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