Character Details - Griffin Darkstar

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Name: Griffin Darkstar

Age: no one knows for sure. Griffin stopped counting after 800

Apparent Age: 40

Eyes: Lilac (to most they look like a light gray)

Hair: Black

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 190 lbs

Race: Human/Elf

Body Build: Muscular, Broad Shouldered, Slender

Greetings All,

Welcome to my humble home. I am Griffin Darkstar, son of Mithryl Darkstar and DreyMistocraft. My mother is a wizard of the highest caliber and my father the prince of some land unknown to me. I was raised in The City Under The Sea by a friend of my mothers, Liam. He was all things to me, Father, Teacher, Friend.

From him I learned many things. Day after day Liam taught me the laws of magic, more specifically, the art of Illusion. I tried my best to get him to teach me other forms of magic, but always he refused saying that was my mother's place. I did not understand until upon meeting the lady herself as to why that was. Lady Mithryl is a force to be reckoned with indeed. She is High Priestess to her God, Gailen, a mistress of all the forms of magic, and wiser then any other to ever walk the realms. So it was the lady came to my home when I was but one hundred years ... give or take a few.

I left with my mother then and we went back to her castle. It was there that I had my encounter with the Grawmandor. A nasty creature of the dark that one. In defending the others present I was attacked by this foul beasty. However, it was not a battle of the physical sort.

The Grawmandor was a creature of magic as I myself was ... it was in our blood. So the battle was a mental one. He broke down my defenses and inside my mind we fought. I almost lost my life that day. However, by drawing on all the abilities I inherited from my mother ... wild and untamed as they were, I was able to shove the creature out and back into the abyss from which he came. As is the case with most things having to do with magic and the wielding of it, my victory was not without a price.

The battle brought out all the magic in my blood, both good and bad. You see at one point my mother played with the darker side before Gailen and I hand inherited the abilities to wield such power. I had to choose my path and choose it carefully because it would have been very easy for me to slip the thin line I walked between good and evil where my power was concerned. I retreated to a manor home far away from the rest of the world to understand what had happened to me and decide how I wanted to use my abilities.

I discovered that the Grawmandor had augmented all my power. I was stronger ... more magical if you will then I was before. I had gained the ability to travel through time and space in the blink of an eye. Casting had become obsolete to me. All I had to do was think of the time and place I wanted to be, concentrate on it, open the window, and step into it. I also discovered that I could hear all the people in each of those times and places. My head was filled with a cacophony of voices all the time. In the beginning it almost drove me insane, but I learned to tempter them so that they were no more then soft whispers in the back of my mind. With this discovery my purpose ... my path was decided.

It took me two hundred years to learn to control my abilities and to harness them. I spent long hours with Liam and my mother to do this. Then within my mine I constructed a beacon of sorts tuned to those souls who are in great distress. You see what good is having the ability to go anywhere you want and any time period if you don't have rules to using it and don't use it for the greater good. So, with this signal I know when someone is in great trouble or agony. When it goes off there is a soft humming in my mind that drowns out the other sounds. Without question I go and see if there is anything I can do without disturbing the natural order of things, if there is then I do it, if there is not then I let history happen as it should. It may sound cold to you, but I can only do what is allowed me and no more.

Weaknesses: Water .. if Griffin is under water, covered in it, or otherwise surrounded by it then it muffles the beacon in his head and also reduces his magical abilities to only the art of Illusion. This does not include the city under the sea where he was raised as the bubble around the city acts as a wall between himself and the magic and it is also an incredibly magical place in it's own right.

As with any mage if you break their concentration then you interrupt their spell.. this can also be said for Griffin. Most of his casting is done innately, however, there are somethings he still must use incantations for such as very large things ... he can't just pull a house out of thin air.. if he wished to do this he would have to use a creation spell of some sort and it would also drain most of his energy leaving him very weak as well as basically useless.

The beacon in his mind causes him terrible headaches due to its sensitivity to other souls. There are times when it 'wears out' so to speak and Griffin must go in and fix it. At these times he is defenseless as he has to go into his own mind to fix it and concentrate all his energy to correct whatever the problem is. Usually he will only undertake this process in the security of his own home: Darkstar Manor as there is no way to reach his home but through the hallways of forever or if you live there you may portal. Also he is protected by his butler Jeeves a reed thin man impeccably dressed in the style of a nineteenth century butler with a nasal type voice, brownish grey hair plastered to his head (with some type of gel), and sharp angular english features. Then there is the ever formidable yet babbly Mrs.CarrMikal or Emma as she prefers. She is a portly older woman looking to be in her early fifties with grey hair always pulled into to a bun on the top of her head, nineteenth century style skirt, top, and jacket normally grey or black. Her face is round with sparkling friendly brown eyes,rosy complexion (as she is excitable) and a very easy smile.

Darkstar Manor: Griffin's house is a huge two story sandstone building with steps on either side of the large porch. It is very grand in its furnishings showing Griffin's taste for English gentry as he is fascinated with that particular culture during the nineteenth century and visits it often. It also happens to be where he picked up his two house servants from.

The house itself however is in a place out of time. Griffin placed it there just after his incident with the Grawmandor. No one, with the exception of servants of the fates .. i.e. Chezlar and family, or Gods, can reach the house on their own without going through The Hallways Of Forever which has an entrance from his mother's castle. All the 'doors' for the hallway are random occurrences on many different worlds. Also there are wards about that house that make it impossible for anyone to enter the house that doesn't live there or is not related to Griffin by blood unless he is either with them or given their name to Jeeves.. who has an amazing ability to know when someone is approaching.

The Window Room: This is a sterile room on the upper floor to the right of the stairs. There is nothing in this room except a silver window directly across from the door when you open it. Anyone that occupies this house or is blood related to Griffin coming from The Hallways Of Forever would enter the house through this window this is also true for exiting the house. Also if the servants leave the house through the window it only leads to nineteenth century England, however, if it is someone who came from The Hallways then that is where they would return to. All other unannounced guests that happen into a random portal would come to the large wooden front door with it's brass gryphon's head knocker. Chezlar and his family would come to the door if they intended to pay Griffin a visit. The only person that can control where they come into the house or where they go when they leave through the window is Griffin himself as the window is his way of travailing through time and space.


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