Character Details - Lyme Tsarran

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Physical Description:

Lyme Tsarran

*Nick Name:

½drow ½ human

678 (as of New Beginnings)

Apparent Age (if different):

6 feet 2 inches

220 lbs (15 stones) Muscular to the point of being cut and lean.


Light Grey


*Identifying Marks (if present):
  Silver grey Celtic style raven bond mark on his right wrist.  The wings wrap around his forearm with the nose pointing toward his fingers its tip resting between the two bones of his wrist and the tail fanning out over his forearm.  The whole mark is not more than six inches from the tip of the raven’s nose to the tip of its tail.

  If he is wearing a shirt it is usually linen, loose fitting and either hunter green or white, more often than not he is bare chested.  His pants are black leather with a snap and zipper closure that hug the curves of his body so they are like a second skin.  His boots are also black, custom made for from the softest supplest leather so they hug his feet becoming a part of him just like his pants. 

Personal Items usually carried:
  Silver heart shaped locket around his neck.  Silver armbands fashioned in the shape of raven wings on each bicep.  Wrist bracers with a raven in flight embossed on the tops. 

Personal Information:

Home Planet:

Planet of Residence:

Birth Family:

Second Family:
Ubab Qadr

  Standoffish, gruff, prickly, but under that is a levelheaded, gracious, kind, loving, and very loyal person.

  Mercenary/ Arms Master

*Skills and Abilities:
Lyme is a woodsman at heart thus he can track, trap, catch, snare just about anything he would like.  He is proficient in herb lore, animal lore, and does have the ability to converse with several species.  He is also a skilled fighter in all areas including, but not limited to; throwing daggers, throwing stars, bow and arrow (several different types), sais, katana, dual handed fighting, and several forms of hand to hand combat.

  Common, Drow (verbally and hand signals), Felinumeara, Dwarven, Orc/Ogre, Jebesh, Carmorian, Thorasian, Alearian, and Phallasian.

Note: Lyme can also read and write all of the above languages.

*Weapons Used:
Raven’s Wing (broadsword), Frick and Frack (sais), Snip and Snap (katanas), and he as two leather belt sheets crossed over his chest that are lined with throwing daggers as well as a dagger in his boot and one strapped to each thigh.

Background Information:

*Marital Status:
Married – Kina Ubab Qadr


*Blood or Soul Bonds:


  • Stage One (Birth – 150) Lyme was the product of a drow raid. His mother was a human and his father, of course, was a raider. Raised by his mother in their woodland cottage she taught him everything he needed to know to live off the land. When he got older she would charge people who passed through the woods near their home for any help she offered. She never asked for money from any traveler only that they stay long enough to teach Lyme whatever skills they could. It was not uncommon that a traveler would stay with them for months or even years teaching the young halfbreed their skills with bow, knife, sword, languages, reading, writing, or anything else that his mother thought he should know.
  • Stage Two (151-300)  Finds mother murdered goes looking for the men who killed her. Meets Kellin and joins the Koiara.  Job goes bad watches all except Kellin get murdered.
  • Stage Three (301 – 600) Wanders around with Kellin doing mercenary work and collecting new members for another mercenary band.
  • Stage Four (601 – Present Day) New Beginnings(side story)  - Travels to CathEska to check on Kellin.  Agrees to help kill the mayor of Rumleigh.  Meets and marries Gypsy.  Two weeks later Gypsy is killed by one of the men that escaped the raid on the mayor of Rumbleigh’s home.

    Desert Deception - Goes to Elemmiire with Lech to get building materials.  Lech arrested.  VKT arrive to try and help.  Emir’s daughter helps get Lech out of jail.

    RP - Returns to CathEska and goes to Lazy Lizard with Lech as his babysitter.  Meets Kina, falls in love with her,  asks her to marry him, and agrees to help find Shylar’s brother.  Go to Arlsyn with the group. 

    New Beginnings Lyme and Kina are married a month later.  When the construction of the new village is done the take up residence there for nine months.

    RP – in progress Move to compound on Delerose 7.  Have to leave compound for Icarus Base on Zyn due to Lech finding something in Meylor’s background check that makes her a security risk.

Misc Information:

  • Serial Number:  Alpha 49865Beta Tango Vixen 4

  • Lyme’s personal scent is wood smoke and his skin has a slight smoky flavor to it.
  • In intimate situations Lyme’s personal scent grows stronger and gains an hint of an ozone scent as well.
  • Lyme hates to have attention drawn to him.
  • Lyme loves all animals, but has a particular weakness for canines.

Avatar Credit:

Johnny Depp;  altered for me by Shadow.

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