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Physical Description:

Birth Name: Rhiannon K'Tral

Meaning of Name: N/A

Nick Name: Rhia, Rhi,

Race: Felinumeara

Clan: Tiger

Age: 650 (as of New Beginnings)

Apparent Age (if different): 25 

Height: 6 foot even

Build/Weight: 130 pounds of sleek muscle 

Hair: Flame Red

Eyes: Cat Green 

Pelt: Deep orange with dark black sriping.  Buff coloration from below her nose down her belly and inner thighs

Clothing: Usually as she is felinumeara she wears no clothes.  If she happens to be among a race that finds nudity offensive she will don whatever garb is at hand, but does not hamper her movement.

Identifying Marks (if present):N/A


Personal Information:

Personality: Usally she is no nonsense.  She is honest, straighforward, and has a slightl innocent air to her.
Rhiannon will always follow the three Weaving Laws of her people
  • No Felinumeara shall kill except for food or in defense.

  • Never breed with any genus among the felinumeara other than your own.

    ~Breeding with people not of felinumeara lineage is not disobedience of this law. ~

  • Embrace your emotions and live in each moment as if it were your last as long as your actions bring no ill to others.

Occupation: N/A

Skills and Abilities:She is proficient in the tooth and claw as well as the long knife, short sword, hand-to-hand, both short and long bows, and several different forms of martial style fighting. She is an excellent hunter/tracker and her prey seldom gets away. As do all felinumeara she has heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight this last allows her to change from the normal spectrum of view to the infrared in the dark to pick out heat signatures. Along with her improved senses her felinumeara heritage also gives her remarkable dexterity and climbing abilities.

Weapons Used:Tooth and Claw, long knife, or whatever happens to be availible.

Background Information:

Marital Status:Single


Ginevera ~ Kellin ~ Felinumeara ~ Dead
Kaylin K'Tral Alcarin Hammerfist ~ Galain Elf ~ Elf
I’Solde Meara ~ Uther Meara ~ Mountain Man
Jax K’tral~ Geron Shal’lar ~ Unknown
Rhyan Black ~ Tobin Black ~Human
Tiannon K’Tral Black ~ Tobin Black~ Human
Toryn Black~ Tobin Black ~ Human
Imoreki D'Riel ~ Coneceptive Mother ~ Y'Roden D'Riel
Rennon Havenlock (twin) ~ Cullen Havenlock ~ S'Hean Elf/Human ~ Dead
Raellen Havenlock (twin) ~ Cullen Havenlock ~ S'Hean Elf/Human ~ Dead
A'lissa Bryer ~ Quinn Bryer ~ Pixie
Japheth Cole ~ (twin) ~ Lorn Del'Nar ~ Felinumeara
Samuel Cole ~ (tiwn) ~ Lorn Dek'Nar ~ Felinumeara

Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A

Brief History:

Rhiannon’s history is very long as there is over five hundred years of it. She was born the last child of a Del’Shia and was trained from the age of five in fighting, hunting, tracking, and her lineage. When she was not being instructed by the Shia’s she could be found in the company of her closest companions, Petra, Trau’gh, Kellin, and when she got older Lorn.

At the age of one hundred she was given as mate to Kellin De’strana the son of the Tiger Clan’s Chief as instructed by The Great Weaver. At the age of one hundred-three her three year old daughter Ginevera was believed to be burned to death in a komorryn raid. Due to the bond a mother felinumeara shares with her child Rhiannon refused to believe that her child was dead as she believed she could still feel her child’s emotions although they were so faint they were almost indistinguishable from her own. After this tragedy Rhiannon renounced her mate and went into the multi-verse to search for her daughter.

At the age of one hundred and sixty she met an elf by the name of Galain, bonded with him, and bore him a daughter named Kaylin as the tiger elf lay dying. Since Astra’ka had to be performed for her moments after her second child’s birth Rhiannon gave Kaylin to a sorceress friend, Sarina Hippogriff, to raise as her own and did not actually see Kaylin until thirty years after her birth.

After she was taken back to her village for the re-birthing ceremony to be performed Rhiannon struck out again still searching for her lost child. She roamed the multi-verse meeting anyone and everyone who could tell her anything about a lone tiger like child. Finally she met up with a strange man who habitually kept himself hidden from view. Rhiannon found him to be intriguing and eventually ended up giving him a child also… Jax. Knowing she had conceived, which for her was almost the instant it happened, Rhiannon went back home to bare the child and cared for him until Jax was three and his unique abilities were fully realized. Once he had been sequestered from the rest of the village for the protection of all Rhiannon struck out again in search of Ginevera.

Finding herself in the multi-verse once more Rhiannon continued to hang out in tap rooms of inns hearing whispers of a wild child and attacks on mountain men. In one such place she met a mountain man, Uther Meara, who told her wild tales of a feral woman that lived high in the Ka’torvan Mountains and killed anything that came near its den. Spending much time with this man Rhiannon learned all that she could from him about this mysterious humanoid beast and many other things of a personal nature. As was her pattern she also bedded this man, during lei’akoh, and conceived I’Solde. Upon returning to her home to give birth her father, the Del’Shia, Ang’ pleaded with his daughter to stay, but Rhiannon refused determined to find the child she had lost to monstrous brutality of the komorryn.

Going back to the inn Rhiannon met up with a man named Kellaeth and took him for mate, however, unable to deny her deity anything they were forced to part by matters of duty and destiny. Leaving him she went back to her search for Ginevera going at it with more tenacity than before. Then she came across Tobin Black.

In the course of finding Ginevera feral in the wilderness and bringing her back to the village Rhiannon and Tobin had formed a bond. Taking him as her mate Rhiannon bore him three children, Rhyan, Tiannon, and Toryn. They were together for fifteen years before Tobin’s god, Odin, called him back to Valhalla.

In between the birth of Rhyan and the finding of Ginevera Rhiannon also met up with Y'Roden D'Riel. It happened that she bedded him, bit him, and conceived Imoreki. However, fate conspired against her and she died before Ki could be born. He was placed with Rani Rossevirin who also died so then Imoeki was placed within Saliya Monray who became his biological mother.

After being returned to her home world of CathEska by The Great Weaver Rhiannon received astra'ka and was returned to her normal state as her deity over road the changes that had taken place in her from the taking of Y'Roden's blood.

Once she had completed an assignment from her goddess Rhiannon went seeking Y'Roden in hopes of getting to know their child and understanding the murmuring of voices in her mind. She discovered that the murmuring was a feather light connection to the D'Riel web. Her connection is such that only Ki or the current patriarch can initiate contact with her. Also as time went on her Fela bond with Imoreki did strength allowing her to speak to him as she would any of her other children.

Note: As time on Whispin and CathEska happen differently Rhiannon did not meet Ki until he was already grown though to her only two years had passed.

After becoming banished for smacking The Great Weaver Rhiannon was given a cottage by Valin D'Riel in his kingdom of Corrin. She had every intention of living there when the land was poisoned. During the course of Scorched Earth Rhiannon experienced lei'akoh. In an effort to ease her suffering and because he wanted to Cullen Havenlock took her to his bed and fathered the twins, Rennon & Raellen. Then agreed to share the aer'tamdo bond with the tiger elf.

During a trek to the Danna-Riel in an attempt to find information on how to help heal the land Rhiannon met a distant cousin, Ang'N'atayo D'Riel and became quite close to him. She also spent a great deal of time in the company of Y'Roce D'Riel and became quite close to him as well.

At the moment the land was cured Rhiannon was with Y'Roce in his bathing pool. The shock was so much for the D'Riel that he was forced to the bottom of the pool. Not knowing what else to do and afraid he might be dead Rhiannon hauled him to the surface. The instant Roc started to breathe again Rhiannon was so relieved that she kissed him completely unprepared for the feelings that rose to the surface afterward.

Returning to Corin with Cullen she spent a year in the cottage given her by Valin raising her twins and spending her time with the Captain of Corin's Guard when he was not too busy.

Upon going to the Vaegh-Riel festival and seeing Y'Roce again it became clear that the kiss they had shared when the land was healed was more than just an after effect of Y'Roce being grounded. After a long talk, a punch being thrown at Roc by Ki, and several other things Rhiannon decided that to pursue a relationship with Y'Roden's second son would go against the third weaving law of her people. To that end she wrote two letters, one to Y'Roden assuring him that nothing would ever happen and one to Y'Roce explaining to him how things had to be.

Two months later the tiger elf traveld to Nenlante with Cullen to invite Y'Roce to accompany them to her daughter Kaylin's wedding. It was while they were on CathEska that Roc agreed to share Aer'Tamdo with Rhiannon. Thinking that perhaps a bit of distance after the sudden surge of emotion following the Aer'Tamdo bond Rhiannon went to spend a small bit of time with her family sending her niece Kee'Aeryn to show Y'Roce about the world of the felinumeara. Knowing that she could never have what she wanted, understanding the great upset it would cause Rhia accepted that Y'Roce and herself would never be more than friends and made her peace with that.

After returning to Whispin she lived sharing in the raising of the twins with Cullen until the increased gravity of the planet finally took its toll on her body, which was not made to cope with such weight for extended periods of time. It was decided the only thing that would save her was for her to leave and recuperate. Since Rhia's daughter Kaylin was now living on Garden that seemed the most logical place for the felinumeara to go.

Upon arriving she was handed into the care of Quinn Bryer. After an amazing roller coaster ride of emotion the two eventually mated. During the mating Rhiannon did what few other felinumeara had ever done; she dropped all her shields and allowed Quinn to bond with her completely. In doing so Quinn's soul now surrounds Rhiannon's. They are still individual's but the bond is of such a nature that it is difficult to tell where one starts and the other begins. This close of a bonding also caused several changes in the tiger elf. The striping on her back, if you look at it from a distance will resemble pixie wings and she has the ability to fly.

Somewhere (it’s not real clear in my head where) in between her giving birth to A’Lissa and returning to CathEska the twins she had with Cullen Havenlock died.

Becoming aware that her dearest friend Lorn Del’Nar was in great pain back home on CathEska Rhiannon used her gift from The Great Weaver to return home. Upon doing so she learned that Lorn had fled into the jungle. Going after him and finding the lion Shiala Musra (Clan Leader) they sat speaking for a while. It was on the way back they there were attacked by a ja’hute, which nearly killed them both.

After they were found and returned to the village for reasons unknown to Rhiannon Garden World decided to close its borders to everyone sealing her and her daughter Kaylin outside. Rhiannon’s bond with Quinn and their daughter A’lissa was severed and he was lost to her forever.

Days later after a particularly nasty encounter with her lifelong enemy Xr’Hurn R’Ayeb The Great Weaver took Rhiannon and told her that she is to stop the feud with Xr’Hurn. If she does not do this then it will cost her the remainder of her lives. In a particularly cruel twist of fate Rhiannon while trying to settle things with Xr’Hurn begins to experience her lei’akoh or heat.

Xr’Hurn does not believe Rhiannon is there to make peace or that it is under the Del’Felina’s orders. After taking a good look at what her actions of the past have done to the tiger male and how much her presence upsets him Rhiannon decides that regardless of the consequences leaving him alone is the kindest thing she can do. When she tries to do this, however, she falls down dead though she doesn’t remain that way for long as Xr’Hurn comes to his senses and shows the appropriate amount of remorse.

Once she is returned to life Rhiannon and Xr’Hurn spends a great deal of talking out their differences and learning the other is nothing like what they had been perceived to be. As this goes on Rhiannon’s lei’akoh steadily gets stronger until something must be done about it. Xr’Hurn takes her to his private place, a tree house, in the Kelvarian. The Del’Felina transforms this structure into a grand home in the trees as a gift for them. In the course of Xr’Hurn seeing to Rhiannon’s needs he asks if he can bite her. Rhiannon agrees to this and they become mates.

A short time later Rhiannon goes to visit Whispin and decides that is really where her heart lies.  When she returns to CathEska she tells Xr’Hurn she intends to go back.  He agrees to go with her. Nine months after arriving there Rhiannon has a fatal accident and Xr’Hurn returns her to CathEska for Astra’ka.  When she awakens it is discovered that The Great Weaver has wiped all her memories from age one hundred forward.  In addition her body has been returned to the state it was in at that time.

In an effort to help her relearn who she is the Shiala Musra for the tiger clan, Jusnar K’Tral, calls upon his son Kellin, who was Rhiannon’s best friend when she was one hundred, to help him in this.  Kellin agrees and takes the tiger female to his compound on Delerose 7 where he places her in the care of Orris i Blackheart or Mole as they know him.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Rhiannon smells like cinnamon.

  • Rhiannon loves playing in water.

  • Rhiannon loves the feel and sound of small pepples crunching under her feet.

  • Rhiannon cannot lie and if asked a direct question she is compelled to answer due to her genetic make up.

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