Character Details - Delen Datari

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Name: Delen *Sounds like Dillon* Datari
Race: Pure Aerdonian Silver
Age: 3782

Two-legger form
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 225 lbs
Hair: Brown shot with gold
Eyes: Deep green

Silver form
52 ft
Wingspan: 76 ft


Delen is the eldest son of Keser Datari who is the Head of House Datari and the nephew of Aranduriil Datari, Areq and Elandriil's father who died in the war for the Keep. Until only recently, Delen was the heir of the House, as well as the chief assassin. He had a quiet, grudging respect for Callan Blackthorn and an open respect and concern for his couzins, Elandriil and Areq. His open opinions of the Emperor and his couzins became the source of a great deal of friction between he and his father, which ultimately culminated in Delen being disowned in front of his entire family. Delen left the his House and the Silmetaurea on Aerdon with a bounty on his head, placed there by his own Sire. House Datari could hardly afford to have a fully trained assassin running loose for hire to the first person with the right amount of leverage or money.

Since leaving Aerdon, Delen has had numerous run-ins with assassins hired by Keser, but as of yet, none have been able to get the job done, or survive. Delen can presently be found onboard The Black Shoal, a ship owned by Captain Morgan Sloan which makes regular pirating runs on the Sargasso Sea, or in the city of Sargasso itself.

He has become one of the chosen of Oraex, God of the Storm, however, he is not the only one. He is marked by Oraex with by a band of woad blue, whorling chain of symbols that resemble storm-tossed waves on both biceps.


Delen is of medium/average build, is normally medium complected and dark haired. Since his time on the Sargasso Sea in the company of Morgan and Maggie Sloan, his hair has taken on a reddish cast and his skin has grown tanned and weathered. When not on the Shoal, he tends to dress in dark colors and keeps a low profile in public.


Delen carries no weapons with him aside from the absolutely necessary knives for survival. Instead, he relies on his own natural abilites and can use them to deadly effect when pushed.  He will 'reach' for lightning first and has excellent control over it.  Ice is a secondary weapon, but just as much control over it as he does the electrical weapons of his kind.

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