Character Details - Elhion Khael

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Name: Elhion Khael (Pronounced El emphasis on El, soft 'h' ay on)
Race: Eldredae Elf
Age: 4658 Aerdonian Years
Apparent Age: Early 30’s, Human standards
Rank: Third Captain of the Nhamenrae (Rangers)
Hair: Dark sandy blonde
Eyes: Cedar/forest green
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 185
Marital Status: Single


Elhion Khael is the middle son of a wealthy merchant and his noble wife. His parents, like most Eldredae, were married to increase the wealth and holdings of both Houses. Considered ordinary and overlooked most of his life by his parents, Elhion sought to join the elite Rangers of the Eldredae ruling family, the Nhamenrae. Over the centuries, he rose in rank to Third Captain…one of the highest ranks of ‘working’ Ranger; any rank higher and he’d be expected to spend his time in Court, not his beloved Silver Forest.


The Eldredae are typically not a tall race. They stand between 5’4” to a flat 6’ and very seldom are any shorter or taller, though exceptions do occur. Elhion stands at just under 5’11”, he is of lean build but has excellent muscle definition. He generally wears comfortable clothes in earthy greens, greys and browns. His eyes are the color of the forest and his hair is sandy blonde with dark roots.

Weapons and Special talents:

Elhion is an exceptional archer and a master with daggers of any kind. Like all of his race, he can use elemental magic, however, he is by no means more than a novice. His element, when forced to use his ability, is Earth.

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