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Physical Description:
*Name: Reece Nightfall
*Race: Corinian Human / Obsidian Nomad SandShadow
*Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
*Height: 6’4
*Build/Weight: Heavy-Muscled Warrior’s Build 240 lbs
*Hair: Black, worn short
*Eyes: Black
Complexion: Golden-Tan
*Identifying Marks (if present):
Clothing: Trousers, lace up shirts, hunting boots
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Calm, but fierce, Reece is extremely loyal
*Occupation: Mercenary / Captain of Alcarinque’s Guard
*Skills and Abilities: Reece is a SandShadow, and as such he can transmute matter as well as walk through walls. He is an excellent military tactician and warrior.
*Weapons Used:
Bastard-Sword, Daggers, Poisons

Background Information:
*History: Reece Nightfall was born in the Kingdom of Corin just before it's fall. He was a very young child when the city went missing, and grew up with the legends of the infant Princess, her evil Uncle, and the family D'Riel.
Corin was a Country torn by war, a lawless, Kingless land by the time Reece reached adulthood. The son of misplaced nobles, he found himself forced to eke out his living as a Mercenary. Living by the sword he put his life on the line each and every day. Though most of the men in the bands he worked with turned cold and bitter, Reece retained a sense of quiet nobility. He spilled blood for money ... to get by, not for sport.
In his early thirties he met a young woman by the name of Tay. She was a Blacksmith's apprentice at the time, though she had been raised an Amazon. Fiery and untamed she caught the Mercenary's eye, though she had also caught the unwanted attention of the Troop Leader.
Having spent time in the Northern borders of Corin, Reece recognized a half-elf when he saw one, and despite his feelings towards her, realized the young woman was a mere child in the Elven way of thinking.
He had every intention of leaving her be, but after his Commander nearly raped her Tay killed the man, and Reece took her under his wing.
They traveled together for the rest of his comparably short life. By they time he fell in battle, the temples of Reece' hair were grey, his reflexes slower ... and Tay had not aged visibly at all. The man that killed him had been stalking the fiery haired Amazon, and years later she would discover his true identity. Tallin Modar ... her Uncle... her nemesis ...

Millennia later Reece was given a second chance at life by the Goddess Arminiea Morelen. For his service to Light's Hope and untimely death at the hands of Tallin Modar. Sent to Berelath to find the missing Amazon, he stumbled upon someone else instead. Summerlin Alcarin. A new life, a new love, a new road to travel.

*Marital Status: Married to Summerlin Alcarin Nightfall
*Children: Relin
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

·  Reece is Captain of Adarin's Guard in Alcarinque

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