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Physical Description:
Name: Aaron Silverleaf
Meaning of Name: Thunder Silverleaf
Race: Schi (Taurësúlë/Anaisi)
Age: 993 (As of Blood Moon Rising)
Apparent Age (if different): Mid to late twenties
Height: 6 foot 3
Build/Weight: Athletic, muscular
Hair: Black with silver highlights
Eyes: Forest Green
Complexion: Copper
Identifying Marks (if present): Left bicep: Birthmark in the shape of a blood red rune; Back between shoulder blades: Tattoo of a thunderbird (The family’s totem); Over heart: A ‘tattoo’ in a circular shape that is divided into three parts. One part is a symbol that represents the Anaisi creator, the second represents their Brotherhood, showing that all Anaisi are linked and the third piece represents his father’s name (Appeared after the death of his father.); Back: Wings (rarely visible)
Clothing: Normally black leather pants of Whispin leather that lace up both sides, knee length boots and either a black muscle shirt or a swordsman’s shirt in a natural hue
Personal Items usually carried: Right hand middle finger: A signet ring in the shape of a silver band engraved with a vine of leaves; Around neck: A silver disk with a lightning bolt that hangs from a leather thong; Small pouch of sugar cubes

Personal Information:
Home Planet: Arlsyn
Planet of Residence: Whispin
Birth Family: Silverleaf
Second Family: --
Personality: Aaron is easy to laugh despite the things he has seen in his young life though can be fairly serious when the occasion calls for it. The point is though; he generally feels the occasion doesn’t call for it and would rather crack jokes and get him-self in trouble. However, just because he jokes with someone does not mean that he trusts him or her. Loyal to a fault, the closest friends that he has is his family, and outside of that it tends to stop. He’s protective of his family, particularly of his sisters but knows better than to protect them in a way that is visible.
Occupation: Thief, Ranger, Assassin
Skills and Abilities: Aaron is skilled in many different kinds of weaponry, however he prefers the great sword that once belonged to his step-grandfather. Like many of his family he has the ability to gather static and turn it into lightning. Aaron has the gift of being a linguist, a trait that was learned early on and is natural. A combined ability is Aaron’s ability to see, communicate and control ghosts as well as being able to use shadows.
Weapons Used: Great sword strapped to his back; hunting knife in his boot; large dagger strapped to his waist

Background Information:
Marital Status: Courting Serendipity Wyvern
Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry
Brief History: Aaron is the third child and second son of Suriel Aerta (deceased) and Shadow Silverleaf, he has two older full-blooded siblings: Relainia and Riel (twin brother). From an early age he took more after his mother than he did his father which was only the beginning of the rift of misunderstanding between he, his father, and his brother. Despite the closeness between he and his brother in the earlier years, the two grew a part as they followed their own destinies with Riel taking the same path as their father while Aaron followed their mother.

Despite all of this his childhood was generally peaceful while still being chaotic. He didn’t blink an eye when his parents divorced, but when his father died Aaron felt the loss as more than just the loss of a parent as he had never truly gotten to know his father. After his mother remarried he remained close, however the relationship between he and his step-father became strained and after a slip up by Dakien that Aaron has never spoken of. Aaron tried to convince his mother to leave but it only resulted in a fight that resulted in him leaving home.

While traveling Aaron joined a mercenary/adventuring group while also continuing his duties with the Taurësúlë thieves’ guilds. His heart was broken only once when a young woman that he had taken under his wing and fallen in love with was killed during a skirmish it is something that he rarely speaks about.

Eventually the split between he and his mother was healed, starting when he learned how miserable his mother was. Shortly after his step-fahter died Aaron met Serendipity Wyvern. He now resides at Wyvern Castle.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Aaron’s birth name is Galain Adir Derron Arvad Aerta which means Light Noble Freedom Wanderer Heart
  • Like most Taurësúlë, Aaron has a Native American sounding accent
  • Aaron’s soul is forest green and silver and resembles a thunder storm.
  • The sword that Aaron carries once beloned to his step-grandfather. Aaron had his eye on the sword since he was child, the night of his parents deivorce was the night his mother took it from above the fire place and placed it into his hands.
  • Aaron plays the firiel which is similar to a Terran Native American flute
  • Aaron owns a flute that was given to him be a bard during the story DreamCatcher
  • Aaron’s father, Suriel, was a benevolent death ‘angel’; upon his death his gift was bestowed upon his children resulting in each child receiving a branch of his gift. Aaron’s focuses on death in battle but is not limited to it, he can also track death. He does not kill for enjoyment.
  • During the story DreamCatcher it fell to Aaron to carry out the death sentence to a woman known as the DreamCatcher
  • Aaron’s wings have a metallic look to them but are soft and span of 12 feet. However his wings are extremely sensitive.
  • His Anaisi heritage allows him to make physical alterations such as making his ears look rounded and changing the colour of his eyes. He also has a heightened sense of smell, keen eyesight and just short of super human strength. His time spent on Whispin as only served to make his strength even more so.
  • Under extreme emotions such as stress and rage, Aaron’s eyes lose their semblance of normal and become white without pupil or iris. At this time they take on whatever colour that signifies what he is feeling
  • Aaron does not have the ability to heal himself and requires large amounts of sugar to do so.
  • Aaron can shift into a wolf

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