Character Details - Alena Dhaeraow

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Name: Alena Dhaeraow
Meaning of name: Light's Traitor
Age: 2700, give or take
Human height: Six foot
Eye colour: Ice blue
Hair: Blonde to her lower back, usually worn back
Dragon form: Silver
Length: 50 feet snout to rump
Weapon: Ice´┐Ż

Alena is a Silver Captain with a chequered past. Like most Silvers that chose the side of Callan Blackthorn in the war, her family chose not to follow her. She was cut off and disowned, and for many years chose to only go by the name Alena - Light.

When her choice proved positive, and Callan was victorious, Alena discarded all connections with her past despite her family attempting to cajole her into returning to their ranks, and took the name Alena Dhaeraow - Light's Traitor.

Alena exudes cool calm no matter the situation - it is rare for her to become flustered, and she favours Ice as her weapon, after all, it is hard to attack someone when you're frozen to the ground. She is also proficient with a katana and can be seen with a DragonSteele one strapped to her back between her wings.

Alena Dhaeraow

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Uma Thurman