Character Details - Salome ben Issa K'Tral

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Physical Description
Name: Salome ben Issa K'Tral (pron: sa-LO-mee)
Meaning of Name: Peace
Race: Half Djinn, Half Nomad
Apparent Age: Mid-Late Twenties
Hair: Long, Black
Eyes: Mahogany Brown
Complexion: Golden
Height: 5' 3"
Build: Curvy, verging on voluptuous
Identifying Marks: Gold six-pointed star tattooed above her right buttock, bitemark on her neck.
Clothing: Most often found in a leather skirt and top or, if following the fashions of her homeworld, a sari-like gown.

Personal Information
Personality: Salome is warm-hearted and compassionate by nature.
Occupation: Shiala Ni of the human village on Cath'Eska
Abilities: From her djinn ancestry, Salome has inherited the ability to control fire and smoke, manipulating it to her will. As she is not a full djinn, however, she finds it difficult to change shape in the manner of the rest of her kin. Instead she spends most of her time in her corporeal form. At times of dire need, it is possible for her to become a being composed entirely of flames, but she finds this hard to maintain for any length of time and it will seriously debilitate her.
Weapons Used: None.

Background Information
Marital Status: Bonded to X'Hart K'Tral
Bonds: Neuth'Ra bond to X'Hart K'Tral
Children: One son by X'Hart, Altan K'Tral. Also treats X'Hart's children as if they are her own
Brief History: The daughter of a male djinn and a female nomad from the Dragon Sands of the R'Kesh, Salome was taken from her mother at birth and sold to slavers. Her mother, a married woman, was stoned to death for her crime of adultery. The child was brought up in a brothel in the city of Teklan; at first as a skivvy in the kitchens, later as one of the 'girls'. As such she attracted the attention of a merchant in the city, who became fascinated by her unusual talents and removed her from the brothel, making her his mistress. She remained so for many years until his death, upon which she inherited a modest sum. Whilst not sufficient to make her wealthy, this amount was sufficient to support a young woman who found herself independent and alone in the world for the first time in her life.

It was at this time that Salome encountered the tiger felinumeara, X'Hart K'Tral. He had arrived in Teklan to discuss trading opportunities with the Emir. An incident in the souk led to their meeting and their friendship quickly deepened. After X'Hart left Elemmiire to return to his home on Cath'Eska, Salome discovered that she missed him greatly and, deciding to take a chance, she followed him. They have since bonded, becoming a mated pair.

Other Information:

  • Salome's soul is made of several different desert hues and in its ground state will often appear to be smoke-like in form.

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