Character Details - Calliandrae Michellis

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Name: Calliandrae Michellis
Meaning: Excitable Order
Age: 500(ish)
Eyes: Sky blue
Hair: Wheat Blonde
Height: 5'8"


Calliandrae is a headonistic soul, who loves nothing more than laughter and fun She has often been the life and soul of the party, and can quite often be found in the company of Helena and Foxx. Usually doing a drinking contest.


Calli's family has always been on the Royal Council. Her father was an arrogant Lord, who believed he knew better than the Royal family. His theory was disproved when he was summarily dumped from he Council. Calliandrae is on a mission to irritate and annoy her father, both by being a fun-lowing socialite, and by remaining good friends with the Queen he so despises.


Calliandrae has a small tattoo on her left hip - a butterfly. She has no other markings.

Alick Sig

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Tara Reid