Character Details - Dios Kane

Written by Dios Kane

Name: Dios Kane
Age: 394 years
Race: Vampyre
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Blood, ruby red
Hair: Black, shoulder length
Marital Status: Single
Affiliation: Court of the Nine Hells
Rank: Malefactor


A young noble in his family dominated courts, Dios Delacroix was ambitious and power hungry. His arrogance was widely known even through his teen years and his drive for power was rarely forgotten. Several assassinations were blamed on him from the age of sixteen and up. Of course, under the ruling family, he was never found guilty or charged for any of the suspicions.

He eventually became Lord Delacroix after all those in line before him were assassinated or died by accident. He ruled with an iron fist and eventually his deeds reached the ears of the Underworld. They offered him a taste of their power and he accepted, joining the ranks of Hell. The realm of Delacroix was thrown into darkness for the next century.

When the darkness seemed to pass, word came that the former Delacroix family had all been brutally murdered. The Castle was merely a massive grave, bodies hung everywhere like tapestries. Dios Delacroix was nowhere to be found.

Dios Kane, a court jester appeared sometime later in the Court of the Sun, a rich region that was known for justice and righteousness. He was well liked, crowds would come to his shows from all over in the evening. Slowly the Court of the Sun began to fall, conspiracies and scandals arising here and there. Unbeknownst to them, Dios was the source of it all.

He had become a vampyre thanks to the Council of the Abyss and he was their hand of darkness. The Court of the Sun crumbled through his tainted influence and he relished each moment, enjoying the mental anguish of those around him as much as the pain of a slow execution to the suspected traitors. He now wanders under instructions of the Council, ranked as a Malefactor, a middle ranking for those walking the earth in service of the Abyss.


Kane is obsessed with pain and beauty. He believes both are the substance of reality and that he is the epitome of both. All situations are harshly judged by his arrogant taste and everything is considered with patience since he has eternity to plan it out. He won't do something unless he can find the best looking way to go about it. He wouldn't kill a little girl if it might appear ugly in his eyes but he'd crush the child if it looked good. His anger is cool and like poison, finding its way to strike back over time.


His shoulder length black hair is usually tied in a pony tail with dark red ribbon. His eyes match the color of ruby dipped in blood that might still have some reflection and his skin is dead white. He is commonly found dressed as some extravagant jester or fool until he actually begins to work. His noble wardrobe usually consists of a long dark red coat, silver silk shirt, white gloves, several belts, and knee high boots that have gleaming black plates armouring them. His teeth look normal at first glance until Dios extends them to their two inch length at will.


Kane's weapon is a gift from the Council, a ring that has the ability to transform into a wickedly curved scythe. With his amazing dexterity, he also wields a multitude of throwing daggers and knifes. Being a vampyre, Kane is also gifted with the ability to scatter into a swarm of bats, turn into a large wolf, and morph into mist. He can scale walls with ease and he as an extensive talent of enchanting others around him that are weak of will. Kane also carries in his coffin the sacred sword of Delacroix which in reality one large blade shaped in the form of an intricately carved cross. He rarely uses it, the power within it expendable when used and he savors the power delicately for when it might be used to its full potential.
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