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Physical Description:
Known Name: Cade Silverleaf
Birth Name: Cadethuil Celeblasse
Meaning of Name: Pure Spring Silverleaf
Race: Taurësúlë
Age: 17 (as of Bloodmoon Rising)
Apparent Age (if different): --
Height: 6 foot 3 (Adult Height)
Build/Weight: Athletic
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Ivy green
Complexion: Tanned
Clothing: At this time, Cade wears a sleeveless, lose fitting tunic and leather breeches while being barefoot most of the time.
Personal Items usually carried: A wood wolf carved from a branch of his Birth-tree on a leather cord around his neck.
Identifying Marks (if present): Blood red rune between his shoulder blades

Personal Information:
Personality:Generally more quiet than his brothers, he has a slow burning fuse when it comes to his temper and has been known to just punch his brothers without saying a word and walking away.
Occupation: Still a child
Skills and Abilities: At this time, Cade has only one shape that he shifts into, that of a timber wolf and it isn’t unusual to find him in this shape on the balcony of the nursery sleeping in a sun patch. While not known at this time, Cade’s element will be that of light in various forms.
Weapons Used: Fist, tooth and claw

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry and Triplet bond
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Brief History: Cade is the second eldest of the Silverleaf triplets born to Dakien Sorntur (deceased) and Shadow Silverleaf. For the first three years of his life he lived in the village of his birth, Silver Willow, on Arlsyn. However, his simple life turned upside down when there was a raid on his village. For safety and to be closer to his mother, he and his brothers were taken to S’Hea where they have lived ever since with occasional trips back to Arlsyn.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • After his father’s death Cade chose to use his mother’s maiden name as his surname.
  • He loves to read and has been known never to move from where he is sitting once a book is in his hand.
  • Cade’s soul colour is ivy green and silver
  • Cade looks up to Fechine D’Riel.

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