Character Details - Dorian Ashev

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Name: Dorian Ashev
Age: 8850
Race: Aerdonian Black
Rank: Right Wing Guard/Lieutenant of the Black Guard

Human Appearance
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: Approximately 225 lbs
Build: Slim/Medium
Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Dark Sapphire, nearly black

Dragon Appearance:
Color: Sooty Black
Length: 56 ft, STR (snout to rump)
Wingspan: 85 ft

Background: Dorian is the half and oldest brother to Daemonorel. He has never been bonded, nor does he care to find a permanent mate. He was selected to become one of the Black Guard later than Daemonorel was, despite being older, for several reasons, and there were times when Araxmarr doubted the oldest Ashev brother would be of any use to him at all.

Personality: Dorian is far more subtle in his cruelty than most Blacks, yet enjoys the results of his cruel tendencies more than most. He is quiet and may seem to be paying absolutely no attention to the goings on around him. That is, however, a misconception that has proven fatal to many in the past. His loyalty only extends to Araxmarr, as do all the Black Guard, and to earn his respect, one must prove themselves worthy of it. As with all Blacks, he is easily enRaged and darkly passionate.

Appearance: Well-muscled and reasonably tall, Dorian is agile, yet deceptively strong. As with all Aerdonian dragons, he can form mock garments as well as armour from his scale, yet prefers to wear real clothes. He can commonly be found wearing black trousers and a black cotton shirt as well as well worn, scuffed but comfortable boots. He also generally wears a black leather duster, the surface of which is well oiled to make it waterproof. He has short, dark blonde hair and his eyes are so dark a blue as to be almost black. They tend to resemble black sapphires under normal circumstances, but when he is enRaged, they tend to glow a true sapphire blue.

Weapons: Dorian carries few weapons, save two stilettos, a butterfly knife and a slim, katana type sword. All blades carried by him are forged of DragonSteele.

Marks: One bloodmark - The Blackthorn Crest of the Black Guard on his right shoulder blade. Scars too numerous to list, but are primarily on his chest, ribs and back.

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