Character Details - Hund

Written by FlybyKnightLast Edited : 19-Dec-2008 12:36:53 pm

A� black mastiff.� Liberty has raised the dog from a scrawny runt pup into an even tempered war dog. Hund will not fight or attack unless HE perceives a threat. (Liberty is prone to get into the occasional drunken brawl and Hund sees no reason to help him out in those) However if he perceives a threat to himself, Liberty or those they are fighting with, he become a warrior in his own right with savage teeth and sharp claws. He has been know ( but no one has ever TRULY verified it, not even Liberty.) to rise up on two legs and wield a weapon from time to time. But then no mere dog can do that.......

For Hund is no mere dog. He is a werewolf...of sorts. He has three forms, that of the mastiff that of the classical movie werewolf and that of a handsome black-haired� broadchested Irish man ( Imagine the guys on the cover of the Harlequinn romance novels) He never has the same name more than twice but if a person he knows calls him by that name he will answer. If a person he doesn't know calls him by that name , he will say they are mistake and/or ignore them. He remembers what name he gives what set of people.

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