Character Details - Liberty Black Watch

Written by FlybyKnight

Liberty is a large brutish looking fellow, 6' or so tall with deep blue skin, small straight white horns, and long flame auburn hair. He is muscular, has pointed ears and looks much like the "forever solider" or hard working "serf peasant"
He does not say much and what he does say is important to him.

He is a troll, at present without a Seeming ( a mask of Humanity). In other places and times he looks like a red haired African American without horns. In " The Call" his Seeming has faded away ( much to his own surprise) and he appears as he really is.

He is dressed in a Black Watch Plaid ( the stuff a Kilt is made of) which is folded like a Kilt of ancient times and leather armor that show signs of much uses. The armor has been patched and repaired but it has lost none of its integrity. Across his back is strapped a scabbard with a highland blade which is an enchanted claymore, that let him fight on any terrain at most any angle. It is strapped so he can reach it with his left hand. Strapped so he can reach it with his right hand, is a double-bladed axe. It is his weapon of choice and he uses it to cleave enemies like wheat.

He is a simple man in Philosophy. All people are basic the same, be the noble or peasant. They want food,drink, shelter and safety. It is my job to make sure they are safe. If they have that, they can find the other three for themselves.
He also takes oaths VERY seriously. He has given his oath to Reindeer,thus he will see it through to the end.

His constant companion is a black mastiff called Hund. He has raised the dog from a scrawny runt pup into an even tempered war dog. Hund will not fight or attack unless HE perceives a threat. (Liberty is prone to get into the occasional drunken brawl and Hund sees no reason to help him out in those) However if he perceives a threat to himself, Liberty or those they are fighting with, he become a warrior in his own right with savage teeth and sharp claws. He has been know ( but no one has ever TRULY verified it, not even Liberty.) to rise up on two legs and wield a weapon from time to time. But then no mere dog can do that.......

The two of them, travel from place to place defending whatever needs defending at the time.

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