Character Details - Flybynightelf

Written by FlybyKnight

Flybynight is a Changeling elf eshu/ghille dhu (for those of you who play white wolf games). She has two "personalities". One is her elven self and the other is her human self. When the human sleeps the elf is present; when the elf sleeps the human is present.

Both have blondish hair, though the human's hair is a dirty greyish blond while the elf's is greenish blond in color, green eyes and a slender build. Both are shy and skittish and are dressed in rags. Both prefer outside to the confines of the city or a building.

The human, whose name (when she can remember it) is Faylyn. She is a homeless street person, who has been thru a lot of very bad things and hard times. About forty years old, she is actually quite street tough and smart but she would rather run than fight. She is also an excellent cook.

The elf, Flybynight, is a gypsy fortune teller. She love to tell stories and will do either for a warm place to stay, some food or a few coins. She has a large set of butterfly wings the color of a lunar moth that she keeps folded around her like a cloak.

Usually it is the Elf that travel to places of fantasy, for that is where she feels safe and the Human does not. Likewise the Human is is better suited to the Gothic areas of the world.

Meneg suilaid

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Nancy Sinatra, I think