Character Details - Lariel Vandal

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Name: Lariel Vandal

Age: 19

Race: Drow

Eyes: Gold

Hair: White, straight shoulder length, held back behind her ears by a pearled headpiece.

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 115 lbs


At the age of five, she is found to hold magic skills far superior than other children her age. She was placed in a school for gifted children, taught to expand her knowledge in the way of the Drow. As she grew up, she surpassed all of the older children, learning things faster than ever thought possible. Even her teachers were jealous of her, for by the age of thirteen she was already developing into a beautiful young woman. More than one man would turn his head as she slipped past with a shy smile or a soft giggle on her lips. A mischievous child, she enjoyed pulling tricks on her friends, never understanding why they became angry with her.

At the time of The Blooding, she had become a beautiful young woman, filling out in all the right places, and having the appearance an ebony goddess. She was at the age where a Drow changes from a young girl to that of woman. She was to stand before the matron mother to be blessed before being sent to the surface on a raid to a human settlement, where they would kill anyone that crossed them.

But with all Blooding rituals, the rage from within caused her fellow Drow sisters to turn on each other. It was a blood bath. Hers. They stabbed her in the back leaving her for dead, before her blade was ever able to draw its own blood. There were rumors as to why she had been struck down with some thinking it was because the others were jealous of her beauty, a few whispered that it was ordered she be killed during the Blooding, because of her ability with her magic. Yet others feared she would take over by killing the Matron Mother.

Odin found her in a burnt out settlement, her being the only survivor. He healed her, drawing from his own powers. Once healed, he tried to send her away. Feeling that she owes him a debt, she decides to stay and be his apprentice and his protector until the time she is able to repay his services.

That day has yet to come.

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