Character Details - Damara Dothrae

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Name: Damara Dothrae
Race: Eheiling Nahrn, A 'Dark elf' of the Diirlathe
Age: Well over 9000 turns
Eyes: Black/Brown, reflect moonlight, making them appear to glow.
Hair: Black, kept cropped short
Height: 5'3
Build: Delicate and slim, yet incredibly strong. Very fast elven reflexes.
Marital Status: Eheiling Nahrn do not marry, but Soulbond. The Females chose their mate, and that mate takes on the females last name. Multiple male mates are common. Damara has one mate, Krassc Dothrae, formerly Krassc Eldredae. Two children, both sons, both adopted, E'Than Attar being one of them.

Background: Damara a High Matriarch of the Eheiling Nahrn, a greatly misunderstood and much maligned race of Elves on Aerdon. They dwell in the deepest desert of the Diirlathe, and were once Elves of the Silmetauraea, the Starlit Woods. Considered outcasts from the Eldredae Elves, the Eheiling Nahrn still make use of antiquated and rare technology that was left on Aerdon after the Great Cymerian Wars between magic and technology. For this love and desire to keep their 'toys' the Eheiling Nahrn were cast out of the Silmetauraea. These elves developed airships that use suspensor fields and solar power to transverse the desert and are the major merchantile class in the northern half of Nehlmere. There are known renegade fleets, and those are of the thief/pirate guild.

Damara, as High Matriarch, is the leader of her fleet, which is of the mechant guild. She is the adopted mother of E'Than Attar, and brought him into the world by delivering him post-humously from his mother's corpse.

Damara is a SoulHealer, like Mira Blackthorn, a gift from her Eldredae ancestors. Unlike Mira, Damara has full control over her gift, and uses it whenever the situation warrants it.

All Eheiling Nahrn are capable of touching the minds of other races, though MindSpeech is usually only used amongst themselves for easier communication between ships.


Damara is slender, petite and has the overall appearance of being fragile. Such is not the case. She has whip-like relflexes and is fully trained in a martial art form known only to the Eheiling Nahrn. Damara carries no weapon, save a single dagger, and prefers to rely on her own hands in a fight. Her hair is black, close cropped, and thick. Her eyes are a shade closer to brown than black, but on glimpse seem coal black and reflect moonlight by night.

She prefers loose lightweight clothing when above deck, however, in battle situations, wears all black leathers and close-fitting, sleevless shirts, as well as boots with heavy, sand-gripping tread. Below deck and during free-time, Damara is like any Eheiling Nahrn, she goes barefoot, topless and wears a linen sarong type garment on her lower half.

Tattoos and Scars:

Like all Eheiling Narhn, Damara has scars from various brushes with the Mother Desert, most of which leave road-rash type scars on various parts of her body. Her hands have many fine scars from handling the ropes of her ships and working with her hands. She has a bondmark from Krassc Dothrae on her abdomen which appears to be a a stylized scene of a glowing yellow sun overlaying an Elven Tree of Life.


Damara is usually quiet and serious, but never passes on a challenge. She will not take the easy road, and expects the same of any in her fleet. Her loyalty cannot be bought, but over the years has learned to trust Callan Blackthorn and call him Emperor. To family and friends, Damara will put her life on the line, and when a High Matriarch commits herself to such, her entire fleet will support her and follow her.

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