Character Details - Ild'ashi Roth'eld

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Name ~ Ild'ashi Roth'eld (meaning Midnight Hope)
Race ~ S'hean elf
Height ~ 5' 8"
Eyes ~ Bi-colored, blue with green centers, cat-like pupils
Hair ~ Ebony, kept short
Age ~ Appears 30ish
Occupation ~ S'hean Ranger

Background ~

Ash was one of The Found, being rescued from Tenobrous by Y'Roden D'Riel in Whispin's past. It was many long years before Ild'ashi could trust Y'Roden D'Riel, having been raised under the crushing rule of the Demon Prince. Completely loyal to House D'Riel, Ash became a Ranger soon after returning to the light.

Clothing and weapons ~

Ash wears shades of brown and gray mingled with green, dark brown leather armguards, and a breastplate of elvish silver, one of the few family treasures salvaged from Tenobrous. Generally, Ash wears a cloak of charcoal gray and greens held with a clasp shaped like the D'Riel Dragon, also of elvish silver as well as onyx and emerald.

The Ranger carries no blade longer than her own two daggers, both of which were her fathers, as well as her recurve bow and quivers. She is a master marks-man with either bow or dagger, but also can handle a sword if pressed.

Personality ~

Ash seems cool and aloof and does not generally carry on a great deal of conversation with other people. She prefers the peace of the green forests around S'hean and is very much in tune with the land and its creatures.

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