Character Details - Meghan Ilessandra

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Name~ Meghan Ilessandra
Age~ Unknown, but appears to be about 8 in human years old (human standards) in early timelines
Height (adult Meghan) 5'9
Hair~ Pale Blonde
Eyes~ Indigo Blue streaked with violet


Meghan is of a race of Elves ancient to Earth. Called an Aetheling by early races of humans, she is one of the Starlight Born. Unlike other Elven races, Meghan's kind had no use for other races, human or elf, and fearing encroachment from the rapidly multiplying humans, Meghan's people sought to close off access to their lands by any approach, portals and wiers being included in that. Meghan has been lost for long years, as a result of getting sent through a time weir (Something like a portal, only rather from place to place, it could also take one from time to time and are called Alhei). The god of chaos, Xraden, caused the final gate to be hidden as it was being destroyed, hiding its whereabouts and saving it for the sole purpose of using it to make trouble later. Before it was hidden, a being called the Rohoc slipped through and began poisoning the Starlight born, twisting them in Nahru Kii, the corrupted ones.

Meghan was in the wrong place at the wrong time one evening soon after this and saw her mother push her father over their balcony, and fled the Ilessandra Keep. She found herself lost and cold, and sought shelter in a cave, which happened to be the hidden Alhei. Its Watcher had sympathy on the girl and opened a random portal in 18th century Earth, there to live as best she could by her wits. Meghan, being of the Starlight Born, has a lifespan that makes her almost immortal and was eventually found homeless and wandering by Laura Jaymes in 21st century Earth. She brought Meghan to the Dragon Inn, in search of a suitable guardian and permanent home. Once there, she quickly found fast friends in the giant Ymir, Catherine Rain, a pixie, and Fechine D'Riel, the son of Silverthorn and Y'Roden D'Riel. She considers Mira Blackthorn Badb-Catha her mother, and loves her and her husband Bran as she had her own parents.

Appearance~ (child) Meghan looks like a typical Elven child, thin and delicate of build with pointed ears. She has thick golden hair, often kept braided in a wild assortment of braids. Her eyes have the startling quality of making one think they are looking into a starlit night. She has no jewelry, no personal affects of any kind and relies on the kindness of those around her for clothing and food.

Personality~ (Child) Meghan is torn between being shy and inquisitive, however, the shyness wears off as she becomes familiar with her surroundings. She is polite and well spoken for one so young, a reminder that Elven children tend to have far more years on them than Human children. She is quick to smile when things are going well and quick to hide when things start going south, a useful survival skill learned early in her wanderings.

~ Later Timelines ~
ie. Shattered Web/Whispin

Appearance~ (adult) Meghan grew into a true beauty earlier than most elven children. Perhaps the years of wandering had slowed her growth? But at any rate, in a few short years after being found by Laura, Meghan Ilessandra grew into womanhood. She still wears her hair long and in many braids and is about 5'9" tall and willowy. She prefers to wear dresses, but will wear jeans or traveling leathers when going on an adventure. She carries a dagger given her by Mira Blackthorn and wears a black stone about her neck on a DragonSteele chain, the captured remnants of the Rohoc. She is the watcher over this great evil and keeps it about her neck at all times.

Personality~ (Adult) Meghan tends to be a bit shy and quiet still. Over the years spent at the Dragon Inn, she learned to have courage and place her trust in the many friends she's met there. She is still quick to smile and laughes openly, her eyes lighting with micheif and joy. One of the people who quickly gained her everlasting trust was Fechine D'Riel, who also became Meghan's first crush, in her eyes, first love...something Fechine seems to not notice, which is a source of great relief and at the same time, annoyance, to the elf maid.

Special abilities~ Unknown as of yet. She does possess some small magic, as she was able to conceal her pointed ears from sight, but not touch. She is able to conjure illusions and heal, but that is the extent of her natural abilities. She may in time be taught to tap into the Aethyr as Fechine can, but that is only a possiblity at this time.

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