Character Details - Enkara LeSevern

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Enkara is the spirit of a one time human Priestess of the Flame who forever doomed herself to being trapped within a DragonSteele dagger made by Callan Blackthorn. The dagger bears that name and was carried by Task Diamondwood, Mira's mother, and is now being carried by Mira. She cannot interfere with the lives of mortal beings unless specifically commanded by her goddess, however she has been know to be disobedient from time to time.

Enkara, when referring to the dagger, has the odd ability to grow hot to the touch when serious danger is near and will burn the hand of anyone other than Mira, or those close to her.

Enkara, as a spirit, serves as a messenger of her goddess, and can take the form of the woman she once was when bade to do so by the goddess herself. In this form she is about 5'4" with reddish colored hair, tanned skin and is attractively built. She appears to be about fiftyish and while she has a few crows-feet, she is still a lovely woman. Her eyes remain the solid blue, as mentioned below and she wears saffron colored silk robes.

As a woman of flame, she has with pupiless eyes of blue, the color of the heart of fire. She has hair of orange flame and yellow robes, she appears to be about 5'7". She can and sometimes does set things on fire and is accompanied by a swirl of sparks that look much like a fairy escort.
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Susan Sarandon