Character Details - Ethan Attar

Written by Mira Badb Catha

E'Than is Callan's Armsmaster, and is filling the position left open by Drey Axewielder. Raised by the Eheiling Nahrn, the Dark Elves of the deep Diirlathe, E'Than is human but has been cursed to live until he choses to die.

The reason for E'than being under Callan's...employ, is simply this. The Blackthorn Keep has something like a tavern within it and the Eheiling Narhn were at the Keep on a trade stop. E'Than, slobering drunk, managed to give the House Guard a good run for their money before he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. As a result of his actions, the Eheiling Narhn reluctantly agreed to allow Callan to decide the appropriate punishment for E'Than...which happened to be staying at the Keep and becoming his armsmaster.

Hereis the place to go to find out a bit more information. E'Than is a new charrie and this webpage and this description will be changing with time.

And for a bit of information of the elves that raised him, the Eheiling Narhn, I have now added a page...

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