Character Details - Asoka Zhatai

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Name - Asoka Zhatai
Race - Elemmiire Djinn
Rank - Warrior Caste
Eye color - Black
Hair color - Ebony
Height - varies, but generally 5' 11"

Background: Asoka is of the Warrior Caste, a rank of Djinn hightly sought after by sultans, generals and all warring people. As with all Djinn, if captured and contained by whatever magical force necessary, Asoka is forced to do her 'masters' his case, primarily destruction in battle. One in a pair of fraternal twins, Asoka embodies the masculine ways of the Warrior Djinn...the use of strength before magic. When his battle skills fail him though, he is proficient with any destructive magic, and prefers elemental magics. Unlike ordinary Djinn, Asoka's magic is limited to either the destructive workings of the art or the smaller, more benign forms.

Appearance (Human form): Normally, Asoka can be found in a loose, dark trousers, a dusty green or earth colored tunic and barefooted. His ears are pierced and Asoka wears a simple gold hoop in each ear. Hair is somewhat shaggy and long when at rest, when going into battle it shifts to something sorter, more manageable. He carries a pair of simple, curved blades that resemble katanas, however, he can and will alter them to suit his needs...scimtars being a close second favorite when a larger blade is needed.

Personality: Asoka is much like his twin, Vesdra. He tends to be quiet and contemplative, but is easily riled. He is the least trusting of the pair and will openly express his distrust.

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