Character Details - Laura Jaymes

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Name ~ Laura Jaymes
Age ~ Appears early 20's
Height ~ 5' 5"
Hair ~ Brown, shoulder length
Eyes ~ warm brown with gold flecks
Race ~ Aerdonian Human (Lifespan will be 1000+)


Laura has never had a permanent family. She was found at a Texas lakeside park at the age of 3, dirty and frightened, apparently abandoned. She has been passed from foster home to foster home, never quite fitting in anywhere. At 16, Laura attempted suicide after she was assaulted by a foster father and was hospitalized for a week. Laura still has the scars on her wrists to show for it, and she tries to keep them hidden. As a way of escaping her sad and abused life, she kept her nose in a book. Later, she learned to draw and quickly discovered she could write and illustrate her own stories.

Over the years, she has moved from city to city, owning and operating a 'safe-house' for renegade drow, rogue vampires, and any other creature seeking a neutral place as temporary residence. Her gallery and curiosity shop, The Mind's Eye, moves regularly, though it began in downtown Dallas, Tx. It remains open 24/7 and displays works from all races.

The Mind's Eye moves regularly, as it is becoming clear Laura is not aging as regular humans do...which raises a few suspicions....  It can currently be found in the NeutralLands of Nehlmere.

Personality (ies)~

Laura and Sarada, her alter ego, are merged into one person, rather than the two rival entities they once were. Laura walks a tightrope keeping her darker, alter-ego under control. At times, she can almost seem to be a split-personality, a bit of a Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde. As part of this mergence, Laura herself now has a slightly different personallity than Laura who first appeared in The Master's Touch. She has more strength of spirit and has a tougher hide, if you will.


Laura has mid length hair which shines with red and gold highlights when she is in the sun. She is average height, with an attractive figure. Her fingers have callouses from using pencils and pens so much. Her hands are small and she keeps her nails short and clean.


She could be wearing anything from modern day Earth.  If you are unsure, or if her clothes have not been described in a recent post, please ask the writer.


Laura was attending a small college in north Texas, however with the discovery of her full artistic abilites, Laura made a meager living selling her regular art, but soon learned the value of procurring 'special items' for various clients. She has done well for herself owns her own gallery which displays not only her own art, but that of many different races existing on Earth. She also travels a great deal, and has a portal in her apartment, a gift from her magus grandfather.

Weapons or Fighting skills~

Laura uses no weapons, but can manage well enough with almost anything to save her neck. Sarada, on the other hand can get a little rough just for the joy of it, and is quite adept at brawling and inflicting pain on an attacker.

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