Character Details - Task Diamondwood

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Height: 5' 8"
Hair color: Warm auburn and falls in loose curls
Eye color: Deep jade green
Race: Half-Elven
Marital Status: Once married to Callan Blackthorn and had one child, Mira Blackthorn

Task Diamondwood was the daughter of Owen Diamondwood, a human soldier turned blacksmith, and an Elven woman named Kyra Eldredae. Kyra was the only female of the royal house of Eldredae and as such was about to be married off to another Elf Lord to increase his ties to the royal family. Kyra, being headstrong, refused the marriage and bolted. She soon found herself lost in the NeutralLands and stumbled onto Owen's village by accident. The two of them fell in love and were married, Task being only one of many children.

But happiness is rarely left unshattered, and in the Diirlathe, Emperer Nargus Blackthorn IV had set his sights on the Elven lands to the south. Rather than take them by force, he chose to send in his best assassin, his son. Araxmarr, in the guise of the eldest son of Eldredae began silently ensuring accidents and deaths. Over several years, only the ailing dowager queen and two others remained *said queen was was ailing because of Araxmarr's activites*. Those two being Krassc Eldredae, who disappeared into the Sand Sea and was pressumed dead, and Kyra. Kyra's whereabouts where discovered, and Callan was sent to the NeutralLands to hunt her and her children down.

Task possesses an odd talent...unknown to her initally...she bears the Gift of SoulHealing. A trait of the Elven House of Eldredae that has not surfaced in generations, an ability so rare and so strong, it can tame a dragon's heart. Task loved Callan for what she thought he was and over the years, her love healed his divided heart, the Silver in Callan winning through the darkness of Nargus's influence.

In Tapestry of Legends, Task carries a bow and quiver, her dagger, her father's sword and has with her Rhia, a war-eagle. Armour is acquired later down the road, by accident...she wears about her neck the amulet left in the ashes of Callan's body, and accidentally taps into its ability to shift the shape of the wearer...and winds up with dragon-armour...much to her disgust...

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Natalie Portman