Character Details - Enddar Nysenth

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Name ~ Enddar Nysenth
Height ~ 6' 3"
Hair ~ Pale blonde, almost silver
Eyes ~ Deep blue, almost black
Marital Status ~ Widowed
Occupation ~ Ranger

Background ~ Brother to Paiden Trayhan's mother, Enddar is Paiden's closest friend and mentor. After the loss of his wife during child-birth, then gradual decline of his first and secret love, Delanna Alcarin to sorrow and age, Enddar chose to spend his life in the forest as a ranger. In time, he learned that Gareth Alcarin was responsible for the deaths of not only his infant son and Marrell, his only wife, but his sister and brother-in-law as well. For a time, Enddar lived only for vengeance and the death of Gareth, and only time healed that pain, though not completely.

Enddar's first loyalty is to Adarin, but has always felt Galain would, in time, grow into his rank as heir apparent and Elen Prince.

Description~ Enddar's eyes tell a lot about him. They speak of his sorrow of losing his wife, Marrel, but they also reveal that he longs for the companionship of another female, though Enddar is afraid that by opening himself to another woman, he would be trying to replace Marrel. On his right hand is a plain wedding band of elvish silver, and it is worn on the right hand to show he is still grieving. Not entirely the truth, but it conveniently keeps him out of the marriage market and gives him a handy excuse to dodge the efforts of some well meaning match-makers.

He wears clothing that blend with the shadows of the forest, a cloak held together with a simple silver eagle clasp. His hair is long and has a five-strand braid on his right side above his ear.

Enddar carries a long bow as well as a pair of sai at his hip. Though not a typical weapon for an Elf, Enddar prefers to use sais in close combat, though where an Elen picked up a weapon associated with Asia/Terran, no-one knows.

Personality ~ Enddar is quiet, preferring to let actions speak, rather than words. He tends to speak thoughtfully and with a great deal of consideration. To those who know him best, he is loving and has a dry sense of humor. He is slow to anger, but does not think twice about drawing blood to defend himself, or his few and precious family members.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Martin Csokas as Celeborn (LoTR)