Character Details - Paiden Trayhan

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Name ~ Paiden Trayhan
Height ~ 6 ft
Hair ~ Honey Blonde
Eyes ~ An odd shade for an Elen...amber
Marital status ~ Single
Occupation ~ Ranger

Background ~

Paiden has forever preferred forest to the company of others, including other Elen, with the exception of Enddar Nysenth, her uncle and closest friend.

Description ~

Paiden is slim, willowy and has a most unusual shade of eyes for an Elen, her eyes are gold/amber, rather than blue. She has long, honey blonde hair she keeps braided down her back and bound with a silver cord. She has been known, in her recent past, to wear mail and light armour, but usually wears loose fitting clothes in colors that blend seamlessly with the forest. She wears soft sole, brown leather, knee-high boots over her pants-legs, a cloak of mingled shades of brown, green and grey fastened with an simple silver clasp in the shape of an eagle in flight. Typically, she wears gloves that fit her hand tightly in the same color of brown as her boots.

Weapons ~

Paiden carries a long-bow and the usual daggers, but rather than steel or iron, these are bronze and seem to hold their edge better than normal bronze. They are hand-me-downs from her brother and have been maintained lovingly through the ages.

Occupation ~

Paiden is a ranger/tracker, and prefers the forest to inns and taverns, but has been forcing herself to learn to appreciate the company of others.

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