Character Details - Drey Axewielder

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Name: Drey Axewielder
Clan: The Sky Oak Warrior Clan
Rank: Laird *chieftain* of the Sky Oak clan and former ArmsMaster to the Black Throne
Eye Color: Ebony
Coloring: Equine body is dark brown, easily mistaken for black in poor light. Tail is slightly darker, but tends to redden in the summer time.

Human flesh is olive complected and also tans to a deeper shade in summer.

Human hair is ebony and curls loosely, worn short in wartime, long during better, peaceful times.

Height: Drey stands at just under 7' 6" at the top of his human head, an slightly shorter than average size for an Aerdonian Centaur.

Marital Status: Has many wives as Laird, but Epona, being his first love, is the Favorite.

Background: Drey Axewielder was once Callan Blackthorn's armsmaster, an odd turn of fate putting him in the Emperor's service. Drey moved his entire clan into the Keep, and for a time, the Sky Oak Clan was allied to the Blackthorn Throne. During Callan's grieving madness after Task died, Drey realized his family was in danger of being abused or even slaughtered during one of the dragons moments of insanity, but stayed on for Mira's sake. Once the dragon-elf left, the Centaur packed his family up yet again and returned to the Plains.

More on Drey's Centaur Rank: The Centaurs of Aerdon live in a manner similar to the Scottish Highlanders of Terran, with a Laird at the head of the clan. As such, Drey's word is god *unless and until he is in his wife Epona's territory...then HER word is god*, and it is a heavy burden to bear. All matters of justice, war, etc are brought to him. He is expected to take multiple wives, all of which are widows of slain clansmen, and is expected to raise any children by the mare's former marriage as his own. One questionable duty is also breeding those extra wives during their season, and while to some that would seem attractive, Drey finds it difficult, for reasons of his own.

Appearance: Drey is average height for a Centaur, but is very muscular and has amazing upper body strength. As all Aerdonian Centaurs, Drey goes bare, but has several black leather and silver studded traveling vests and battle harnesses. These harnesses are worn only on his human torso, and are made to carry everything from throwing daggers to his axe. As mentioned, his hair is loosely curled and worn long during peace-time, he also wears a short beard, as can be seen in his siggy.

Weapons of choice: Drey, as ArmsMaster to the Keep, is familiar and highly skilled in all manners of battle, weaponry, and seige warfare. He prefers to carry two throwing axes, as well as throwing daggers, and has a heavier, double-bit battle axe forged of adamantine by Owen Diamondwood, a human blacksmith.

Marks, tattos, and scars: Aerdonian Centaurs do not mark their flesh, as they feel their god made them in perfection. Bondmarks are the exception and are rare. Drey has only one, a silver, eight pointed starburst on his left shoulder blade from Epona. He has several scars from various battles and are worn with pride.

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