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Name ~ Mira Blackthorn, nae Badb Catha (MEER-a) (with a slight roll to the 'r')
Height ~ 5' 11"
Hair ~ Glossy black
Eyes ~ Jade green
Dragon form~ about 24 ft with a 36 ft wingspan, tarnished silver color with black wings.
Children ~ Six:  Caolan and Muirne, twins; Elythar, Elthahir and Seren, triplets with Brandubh Badb Catha; Meghan Ilessandra, adopted.
Marital Status ~ Married to Brandubh Badb Catha
Bondings ~ Soul-bonded to Bran, blood-bonded to Drake and Willow Silverwing


Mira is the daughter of Task Diamondwood and Callan Blackthorn. Her mother, Task, was a Half-Elven Soulhealer and her father is Emporer of the Black Dragon throne. He is half Silver and Half Black Dragon. Mira's mother died while she was still young, Task's years running more to the human life expectancy. Mira has a much older half-brother (unknown to her in early timelines), Yarwin of the Shai'ay, who  encouraged Mira to get out of the Keep and away from the grieving Callan, who was becoming more abusive by the day. She has a natural ability to summon flame and cast it in a manner not unlike a fireball spell. The flame she casts manifests itself in many differant ways, depending on her intentions.

She has the natural draconic ability to use magic, however, it is a type of magic that requires the touching of whatever or whoever is to be enspelled. She can use her magic to heal physical injuries, but it does weaken her to some extent. She also has her mother's ability to "read" souls and heal them. To use it, she must match her heart rate to that of who she is reading or healing and then bond with their soul on a very temporary level. It is a gift she neither wants or cares to use, however, often times, it uses her.


Mira had, to her father's dismay (when in his saner moments), grown arrogant and slightly reclusive. She had few friends and had taken fewer lovers. Most relationships of that nature caused her nothing but pain, her ability to 'read' souls often showed her the true reasons behind a male choosing to be with her. As a result, Mira found herself involved with a human woman for time, Vanya Talonspear, the captain of her personal guard and lady-in-waiting. After Vanya, she held herself away from relationships with anyone, until meeting Brandubh Badb Catha.

As child she was teased by other children and adults who could not get past her different appearance and mixed race, something that has caused her to be a little insecure in adult life. Her DragonRage is easily roused and she has great difficulty controlling herself when the Rage is upon her. However, her capacity for love and loyalty have great potential, if one simply can tolerate her faults, and gain her trust.

Physical appearance

Mira is tall and lean, but very attractively built. Her skin is tanned and has silver freckles when she's been in the sun, she also has the jet black wings of her father. Her hair is glossy black, long and straight. She prefers to keep it either in a simple braid or a knot. Her eyes are the Elven eyes of her mother, slightly canted and bright jade. When she is under the Rage, they glow a phosphorescent color of green and can glow slightly with strong emotion. Her ears are slightly pointed, reflecting her elven blood.

Mira is also a natural bi-morph, prefering to use her winged, half-elven form much of the time. She can 'hide' her wings, making them absorb into her back and a handy trick for ground based battle, as her wings are incredibly sensitive to touch and pain. She does have several other dragon forms, all of them captive in her amulet (further explaination below), Nargus and Dawn being the most prevelant. Neither form is one taken on lightly by Mira, especially Nargus. She risks possession every time she uses his shape and the mental battle she must maintain while in that form drains her a great deal.


Mira is fond of slightly tight, black leathers. She typically wears black trousers and calf-high boots with lug sole. She wears a white, long-sleeved cotton shirt under a black vest that laces up the front, as well as in the back under each of her wings.  Her heritage, both Black and Silver, enable her to form 'armour' and 'weapons' from her scale.  Most often during a battle, you will find her in the breast plate, bracers and greaves typical of the Blackthorn house.

Weapons and such

Mira carries a DragonSteele dagger, now the repository for Enkara's spirit, made by her father, Callan. She did carry a bow, Dargo Sar'da, the Dragon-Slayer, and quiver of arrows made by her mother. Both weapons were made as wedding gifts to be exchanged by her parents when they were to be married. This bow was passed on to Brandubh Badb Catha, her husband, during the wedding reception. This was given both to keep the tradition set out by her maternal grandmother, and as a gift. In time, it will be passed from him to their daughter Muirne.

After her marriage to Bran, she carries an ironwood bow made from the same sapling as Bran's wedding ring, it and its arrows being made by the dwarf Mossbeard and given as a gift from Drake Silverwing.

In most timelines, with the exception of the earliest travels, she carries Owen Diamondwood's DragonSteele sword across her back. She also wears her father's amulet of the Royal House. It appears to be carved ivory, but was actually carved by Nargus from the breast bone of Dawn Emberlight, Mira's silver grandmother. It hangs from a DragonSteele chain which is partially embedded in the back of Mira's neck. The amulet does not come off without either powerfull magic or until Mira dies. It holds within it snippets of souls that were killed by whomever was wearing the amulet at the time, giving the one wearing it unlimited shapeshifting abilities. The fact that Callan no longer wears it is another story...

After the timeline of "The Call", Mira fully accepts the responsibility of bearing the amulet and allows the more benign forms opportunities to "live again". By doing so, the amulet truly became a part of her and embedded itself completely under her skin, leaving only a slighty raised pattern of a coiled dragon on her chest. She also wears a silver dragon pendant around her neck, a gift from Bran at Yule. It does not come off, but by Mira's choice, not the pendant's.

She also wears on her right hand a black and gold braided ring made of her hair and Bran's, a gift made by Yarwin for her birthday and it matches the one Bran wears. Her gold wedding band is on her left ring finger.

Tattoos and things 

Mira has a ring of black thorns tattoed on her left upper arm, the mark of the Blackthorn Crest on her right shoulder - A black dragon in a wreath of black thorns.  Her navel is pierced with a silver ring.

Mira also has a bond mark on her right bicept from her bond with Bran, a chain of green leaves with steel dragons and ravens in flight woven into the pattern.

She has a scar the runs horizontally across her stomach from a spar with Drey Axewielder. Her right palm has a faint imprint of her dagger handle from a time when she was badly burned by it. The back of Mira's neck is scarred from a time when the chain of her amulet was ripped out of her flesh by a doppleganger of the Demon Y'Roden.

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