Character Details - Chandra Morningstar (Caliginous Version)

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Name: Chandra Morningstar
Hair: Chestnut curls
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’ 4”
Build: Petite
Abilities: Rich contralto singing voice. Skilled musician. Former Bard. A Dra’kar Sin’ra, or a Dragon Singer, an ancient magic bestowed on a few rare individuals by all the races of dragons which is channelled through her music.

An only child, Chandra's parents were also frequent travellers. Her mother, Maeve, was also a bard. Her father, Harkin, was a ranger. Although they often took their daughter with them when she was younger, they felt that as she grew older she ought to remain in the village with her teachers and so they would sometimes travel alone. It was on one of these journeys that they were killed by a rockfall in a mountain pass. Orphaned, Chandra was brought up by the clan until she reached adulthood.

As a bard she travelled a great deal. On one of these journeys she was captured by slavers and sold to a vampire brothel. There she was found by a member of a vampire Clan who was captivated by her innocent charm, fresh-faced beauty and rich contralto voice. The vampire removed her from the brothel, taking her away to their private villa where Chandra became first entertainer and lover, and later their Chylde.

The shyness that had marked the forest elf’s personality melted away with the Embrace to leave a confident, seductive woman who has forged her way through the hierarchy to become the Ascendant of House Morningstar on Caliginous.

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Helena Bonham Carter