Character Details - Silverthorn Badb Catha (Caliginous Version)

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Name: Silverthorn
Height: 6' 00"
Build: Slim but athletic
Hair: Long, Black
Eyes: Jade Green
Identifying Marks: none
Personality: Her general personality is quite cynical and she does not trust easily, although once this trust has been won she can be a stalwart ally.
Skills and Abilities: possesses strong ability for both light and dark magic, can shape-shift into raven form, skilled warrior and assassin.
Weapons: Rarely goes anywhere unarmed although precise weapons carried varies. Hunting-style knife carried at right hip. Usually about four other daggers concealed on her person. Short sword sheathed at left hip. Long bow and quiver carried over shoulder and down back.

Silverthorn was born in an area known as the Tauremorna, or Dark Woods, under the name of Arianne Badb Catha. Her parents, although both elves, came from two feuding clans. Her mother, Cerys Windsinger, was a high elf of the sidhe. Her father, Kieran Badb Catha, was a forest elf that was partly of drow descent and so allied to the unsidhe. The most recent of these was her paternal grandmother.

Silverthorn possesses a strong magical ability, both for the light and the dark, and as such was trained from an early age as a mage. It was whilst studying away from home that a raid on her home village took place which resulted in the loss of nearly all the inhabitants, including her parents. Guilt at her absence during this time led to her renouncing her gift for many years and taking up her present occupation as a mercenary and an assassin. It was during this time that she also became known as Silverthorn, the Common version of a childhood nickname, silme-nasse bestowed on her by her brother. She is particularly proficient with daggers and a sword
although she is also a competent archer.

There have so far been only a few relationships in the elf's life. The first of these was with a half-elven mercenary called Aidan O'Connell. They met only a short time after her parents death whilst employed for the same company of mercenaries. This relationship only lasted for a few months as Aidan, although willing to have a relationship with a soldier, was unable to deal with her skill as an assassin.

Many centuries later, having just entered her second millenia, Silverthorn began an on-off relationship with another mercenary captain called Richard de Warrener. He was one of her closest friends but their work meant that they were not always in the same place at the same time. His death in battle five years later grieved her.

Aged 2000 years Silverthorn met a vampire called Myklor and was Embraced.

Silverthorn the vampire retains many of the main characteristics of Silverthorn the elf. This includes her ability to shapeshift into a raven as this is a inherited trait unrelated to her magical abilities. The primary difference between the vampire and the elf is her lack of concern with regards to the use of her dark magic. As an elf she had always been reluctant to use this as she felt it be a destructive force. As a vampire she is far less concerned about this effect, however she knows herself to be vulnerable enough without excessive use of this magic as well and this knowledge is what leads her to contain the power as best as possible.

Another trait that remains unchanged is her independence of mind. This means that although she will acknowledge others to be superior in terms of ability, for example, she is unlikely to accept one as Master.

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