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Writer’s note: Araxmarr Zavern Sar’da and Callan Blackthorn are one and the same. Aerdonian Kin are not born with a ‘true’ name and a ‘known’ name and they do not subscribe the mysticism of true names giving power over the individual. The reason there is ever a distinction made between names denotes the age of Callan/Araxmarr but also, he is an assassin. His ’cover name’/public name is Callan. If you run across the Araxmarr I.d. being used to post in a story or RP forum, this is the younger version of the current Emperor Blackthorn, with the exception being the Nocturne Universe.

Known Name: Callan Blackthorn
Draconic name: Araxmarr Zavern Sar'da in the Black Dragon tongue, DeathDream being the closest translation in Common.
Race: Half Aerdonian Black, half Aerdonian Silver
Age:  9000+ at the time of Seed of Wrath - Diirlathe
Rank: Emperor of Black Throne

Dragon form
Length: 63 feet, not including tail, in dragon form
Wingspan:  91 feet
Color: Glossy black with a light burnishing of silver, wings and neck spikes are onyx
Eyes: Ice Blue

Half-Elven form
Apparent Age: early 30's (human standards)
Height: 6' 4" in Elven form
Hair color: glossy black usually cropped short, but has been known to allow it to appear long.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Marital Status: Married to An'Thaya D'Riel
Children: Seven - Son, Yarwin (by Aeryn Gaff), Dauther, Mira (by Task Diamondwood), Son, Cal'Lanth, twins - daughter, Tay'la and son, Th'rax (by An'thaya), one god-daughter - Robin Silverleaf, daughter of Shadow Silverleaf


More than likely you will find him wearing the form of a Half-Elven male. This shape was stolen early in Araxmarr's career after he'd slaughtered a family of mixed marriage and absorbed part of a half-elven boy’s soul and this form is the one he feels most comfortable in. Araxmarr wears the amulet of an Imperial Assassin - commonly known as an Illinsaad, and it is carved from the breastbone of a Silver female. This amulet absorbs pieces of souls, enables the wearer of the amulet to wear that soul's form, have access to its memories, attitudes, mannerisms, etc. It is later discovered the Illinsaad was actually crafted from Araxmarr’s own mother’s bone and she is the Aeosh Prime - the only fully aware soul trapped within the amulet.

Clothing, etc.

In Half-Elven form Rax prefers black t-shirts, comfortable fitting denim jeans and sturdy, lace-up boots with heavy, lug soles. These are commonly referred to by the Black Kin as ‘war boots‘. During times of battle, light House armor will appear over a deep crimson short sleeved shirt and the jeans will vanish in favor of dull black leather trousers. The armor is formed of Araxmarr's scales, it is glossy black and consists of bracers, a sculpted breastplate thigh guards and greaves (shin guards). By personal choice, Araxmarr wears no back-plate and no helm during battle. This armor can be penetrated easily by Dragon Steele (adamantine) however, mundane blades have a difficult time cutting through it.

Writer’s note: Adamantine is NOT the only metal that can penetrate this armor or damage one of the Kin in either form. It is, however, the only metal known to mortals that wounds the Kin in such a manner that the injured individual cannot heal itself with its ability to transmutate flesh, bone, nerves, skin, etc. It is in many regards a silver bullet of sorts. If you are confused, please read this thoroughly first, and if you still have unanswered questions, contact me.

After his marriage to An'Thaya D'Riel, Callan wears a simple wedding band of gold and mithril on his right middle finger, the side his heart is found on, the pattern is that of Celtic Dragons, the inside of which is engraved with "M'Naeosh, M'Aeosh, M'Tashnae...", Black Speech for: "My Life, My Soul, My Treasure...." His wedding band is worn on the middle finger, as is An'Thaya's for this reason: In the past, both of them wore the wedding band of another spouse on their ring fingers, and Callan will not share even that scrap of flesh with the memories of another, nor does he expect her to.

Weapons and skills:

Araxmarr is proficient in his own type of magic using (transmutation), however the magic of the Kin, Black or Silver, requires touching the object/person to be altered.

It is not always convenient when in battle and he is not always able to give away his nature by shifting to dragon if the odds turn badly for him, therefore Araxmarr has a pair of daggers he wears at his hip and the usual boot knives, two in each boot. He is also a master-marksman with a long-bow but prefers the cross bow and usually carries one. He also carries a Claymore sword.

Araxmarr has the ability to cast fire, regardless of what form he wears and the manner the flame manifests itself depends on his intentions. All Aerdonian dragons can see thermal patterns when in darkness and the method is similar the ability found in Terran Pit Vipers, which have specialized ‘pits‘ to allow them to sense heat. In the Kin, these ’pits’ are located just within the nostrils in two-legger form, and between the nostrils on the snout in full form.

An additional edge is the presence of what is known on Terra as a Jacobson’s Organ and is also found in some mammals and all vipers. This organ is located under the tongue in any form the Kin ’wears’ and enables them to ’see’ by scent alone. When ‘scenting’ the Kin in question will part their lips slightly and lift their tongue behind their teeth, then inhale slowly, as if tasting the air.

Markings and tattoos:

Callan has more than his fair share of battle scars, one notable scar is has been left by Galain Alcarin after attempting to kill Callan, at the Emperor's request, after An'Thaya, pregnant at that time with the twins, was thought dead.  This scar is just under his right shoulderblade and will be a permanent scar.

He also has several tattoos and bond marks. They are as follows:

- A ring black thorns around his left bicep...this is a simple tattoo, not a bondmark.
- Blackthorn Crest on his right shoulder blade, a rampant Black in a ring of black thorns. This is the blood-mark that all his Black Guard also wear, and signifies they literally belong to him.
-His right wrist is encircled with a black D'Riel dragon, its emerald eyed head resting on the back of his hand...yet another blood bond and one to Y'Roden D'Riel and his House.
-He bears a bondmark from Agaru, a Crimson female dragon draped across his left shoulder, its tail twining across his shoulder and partially around his neck. The Crimson's claws seem to be ripping his flesh when in half-elven form, revealing black scales beneath.
- The bond mark to An'Thaya, a dagger and black-red rose entwined with black thorns on his right bicep
- The outline of a golden tear is embedded in his flesh over his heart, the outline being pierced by a solid dagger. This is a mark of favor from Arminea, the Whispin Goddess of Light. This mark is a mirror of An'Thaya's mark, a solid gold tear being pierced by the outline of a dagger. This mark is actual gold, not a tattoo or bondmark. It cannot be removed except by the goddess herself.

Writer's note:

Callan's bonding to An'Thaya is possibly the only bond of its kind. Under normal...conditions...any willfully chosen lover of An'Thaya D'Riel was automatically bonded to her. In Callan's case, that bond was delayed by the Amazon herself in an effort to conceal that they had slept together from her then husband, Galain Alcarin. In an act of desperation, Mira Blackthorn-Badb Catha, a SoulHealer, used threads of Agaru to shore up An'Thaya's soul after an attempt at suicide and tether her to life. The effort was futile and An'Thaya's conduit was dragging Mira, Agaru AND An'Thaya into it...

Mira reached for the only solid thing left in An'Thaya's soul...a black ribbon that belonged to Callan and was wound around a Crimson thread...Agaru. Once brought close enough to Thaya's emerald core, Callan forced the bond that had begun to be completed, thereby pulling An'Thaya back to life, but at the same time, combined with Mira's gift, left he and An'Thaya forever melded...two souls fused as one.

They are still separate entities, separate personalities, but their souls overlap and in most places, are one. To kill one, is to kill the other...however, the death of the second party would no doubt be preceded by a long, horrendously violent slide into the Madness...

Occupation/Station: Emperor of the Black Dragon Throne

Little known facts:

Callan adores 20th century muscle cars, he most recent favorite, a xXx edition, 1967 Pontiac GTO found its way into Galain Alcarin's hands and off the end of a pier at the Transdimensional Hotel. He likes Aerosmith the Rolling Stones. Callan went through a 'honkey tonk' stage, was thrown out of several Terran bars and also is very familiar with tasers. He prefers bikinis to boxers, has a 'thing' for Crown Royal, with or without Coke and refuses to take Viagra...ever. again.

His heart and organs are in a reverse position from Humans and other humanoids, all Aerdon Dragons have a heart located on the RIGHT side of their body, and all single organs are also located on the reverse side. Hence the reason he wears his wedding band on the right hand...according to tradition, a wedding band is worn on the left, the side the heart is found his case, its the right.

He has been claimed by the Aeythr of Whispin as one of its own, his soul is too much a part of An'Thaya's to not be considered such.

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