Character Details - Callie Rain

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Height: 5'2"
Hair:  Waste length dish-pan blonde hair
Eyes:  sky blue

Age:  Lost count after 1,732

Distinguishing marks:  Rainbow colored wings, and a bondmark of a rose and dagger above her heart.    This is her bondmark to her husband. 

Jewlery:  None at this time

Smell;  Old Fashioned roses

Soul;  Irridescent rainbow colors reminiscent of a abalone shell

Callie is the true ruler of her people.  Her husband has acted well in her absence.   She was trained to be the ruler of the pixie's.   She has a huge love of mischief, but would never knowingly hurt anyone.  A strong gift of empathy and healing.   And is the mother to six children.  

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Callie and Gden retired, and have passed the job onto her son Justin and her daughter-in-law Mirë.   She is now raising her "third" family starting with her daughter Stormy.   And hoping to begin a search for her husbands family.  


Callie was dead for several hundred years.   She returned to her original home when Garden was opened to the public to find her sons and the rest of the Ede'yo clan.   They were not there and she was killed trying to follow where they had gone.

A search for her revealed nothing.   So her family assumed she was dead.

At the request of the taskmaster Sharee found a rose at that site and took it home to garden and planted it.   She threw her saphire pendant on it in grief when she realized it was her mother.  The pendant along with the healing properties of Garden brought her back to life.


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Jane Seymour