Character Details - Areq Datari

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Name: Areq Datari
Age: 2879 at the time of Seed of Wrath, Diirlathe
Race: Pure Aerdonian Silver
Rank: Second Captain of the Silver Guard

Half-Elven Appearance -
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: Around 225
Eyes: Deep green, resemble Black Emeralds
Hair: Sunny blonde
Build: Medium but trim

Silver Kin Appearance -
Length: Just over 54 ft, snout to rump
Wingspan: 81 ft
Color: Bright Silver, nearly white, highly reflective
Eyes: Remain the same as Half-Elven form, but burn a true emerald when Areq is enRaged.
Bond Status:  Bonded to Erinya Dhaunae, Second Captain of the Black Guard.


Areq is the younger brother of Elandriil Datari by one hatching. Only 8 years of age separate him from his brother and thus, the pair are sometimes assumed to be either twins, or hatch mates. They and their father were amongst the Silvers that left the southern forests to fight in the war for the Keep, known later as Laer Dre Sar’da…The Season of Death…but not to be confused with the actual season of drought on Aerdon. Their father was also the same Silver that died after a final attempt to aide the Black Dragon Emperor and save Yarwin’s wife, daughter and a Mystic Elf known as RuneBard from death at the by a rouge Black while Yarwin himself fought with Thotin, Nargus’ own second in command.

Areq, after the war, becomes a Captain in the newly formed Silver Guard, an elite faction of Silver dragons in Callan’s army that answer to Yarwin as their General and Callan as their Emperor.

He is a Silver, and therefore acknowledges the Stormbringer and Justice, his god and goddess when giving thanks, asking for divine aide…or bringing imprecations down on someone or something’s head.


To most people, Areq is brash, hot-tempered…being Silver doesn’t make him necessarily calm natured…and he tends to come off as an arrogant ladies man. That attitude is actually a protective shield, and one that is very thick. There are regular rumors that float around the Keep about his many lovers, which at first suited him fine…until they grew so exaggerated he suddenly had the reputation as a ‘whore’. To make matters worse, the suggestion he didn’t have a great deal of…stamina…was added to the rumor mill…and to top it off, it has been whispered he is a heavy drinker. None of which were true. These are now something of a sore-spot with him and despite his being a Silver, they are just the trip-wires to trigger the Rage in him and quickly.

Appearance (details):

The first thing noticed about Areq, is unfortunately, his nose. It appears crooked, or to even have a ’notch’ missing from the bridge of it. This IS from an encounter with a female, a Human female with a large, very aggressive, father. The resulting brawl left Areq with a broken nose that never quite healed straight. The second thing is his eyes; they are so dark a green as to almost be black and resemble Black Emeralds in their clarity and color. When enRaged, they tend to glow a truer emerald color, however, as he is a Silver, the Storm that swirls in his soul tend to leave them hazed around the rims, giving them a translucent, frosted appearance.

Areq tends to dress comfortably in green, almost black trousers and a brown, long sleeved tunic-type shirt with a banded collar and laces from the neck to midway down. A dark green and gold pattern is embroidered into the cuffs and collar, the Datari ivy and rising eagle. Soft, brown boots complete his usual traveling garments, however, like all of his kind, Areq’s ’street-clothes’ can be replaced in an instant of ’shift-work’ with a lapis blue quilted ’shirt’, silver light-armour, black trousers and heavy black boots.  When on duty, in the service of the Black Throne, Areq's armour is still silver, however the 'shirt' beneath is the Crimson of the House colours.

Weapons and Gifts:

In addition to his natural ability to form blades and spikes from his own scale in two-legger form, Areq Datari carries an Elven type, curved sword and a short, recurved bow as well as a quiver of arrows. He also generally will have any number of the usual boot, belt and throwing knives with him at any given time. As a Silver, he is able to use lightning or ice as a breath weapons, however, he is also gifted by his goddess and god with the Blacks’ equivalent of the Flame. This gift manifests itself in two ways, either lightning or ice, depending on his intentions and is cast from the hand.

Scars and Marks:

On Areq’s right shoulder blade is the Blackthorn crest, the rampant Black Dragon in a wreath of Black and Silver thorns. It is the bloodmark to not only Araxmarr, but Yarwin as well.

He has one notable scar from Erinya Dhaunae, his mate and a Captain of the Black Guard and a quote from the Silver Dryad located at the Cagliostro explains it:

“In another brawl, started for very similar reasons, Erinya had blasted his left shoulder and bicep with balefire...then dug her talons into the oozing, burning wound. He still carried the mark from that...and probably forever would. The scar was in the shape of a starburst and was the color of quicksilver. The entire mark went from the v of his collar bone, over the rim of his shoulder, across the left side of his chest almost to his ribs and around his upper arm. Dead in the center of the starburst was a deep red puncture mark, a place that hadn't ever healed quite right, despite his Silver ability to heal wounds with ease...and that place was where she'd sank one talon incredibly deep into the balefire burn.”

The result of the balefire attack left his left arm weaker than it should be, and this fact, unlike the scar itself is kept carefully hidden.

Areq's right, inner forearm is marked with a narrow strip of flame on which a Silver and Black are ramapant.  This is his bond-mark to Erinya Dhaunae and is a mirror image of the mark she bears in the same location, however the Silver and Blacks are reversed and the flame is replaced by blue/white lightning.

Miscellanea:  Areq is one of the few Silvers that makes use of the few pieces of technology that have appeared in the Keep through trades with the Eheiling Narhn.  By chance, winning a game a dice...Areq acquired a solar powered cd player along with a nice collection of Terran music, of which he enjoys Aerosmith, AC/DC and other artisits from Earth's 20th and 21st century...Hey, its not like Callan can't afford another one...

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Art by Ruth Thompson
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