Character Details - Elandriil Datari

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Name: Elandriil* Datari
Age: 2884
Race: Aerdonian Silver Dragon
Rank: First Captain of the Silver Guard

Half-Elven Appearance -

Height: 5'11.5...but tells people he’s 6 ft even.
Weight: Approximately 250 Terran pounds
Eyes: Silver tinged with blue, indigo rims
Hair: Warm blonde
Build: Medium, lean but muscular

Silver Dragon Appearance -

Length: 56 ft, snout to rump, double if you include the tail
Wingspan: 84 ft
Color: Pale wings, body is dusky, dark silver, near iron colored. Breast plates are also pale silver
Eyes: Silvery blue, the indigo rim fades entirely

Marital Status: Single


Elandriil is the elder brother of Areq Datari by one hatching. Only 8 years of age separate him from his brother and thus, the pair are sometimes assumed to be either twins, or hatch mates. They and their father were amongst the few Silvers that left the southern forests to fight in the war for the Keep, known later as Laer D’Sar’da……The Season of Death……but not to be confused with the actual season of drought on Aerdon. Their father was also the same Silver that died after a final attempt to aide the Black Dragon Emperor and save Yarwin’’s wife, daughter and a Mystic Elf known as RuneBard from death at the by a rouge Black while Yarwin himself fought with Thotin, Nargus’’ own second in command.

‘Landrii, after the war, becomes the First Captain in the newly formed Silver Guard, an elite faction of Silver dragons in Callan’s army that answer to Yarwin as their General and Callan as their Emperor.

He is a Silver, and therefore acknowledges the Stormbringer and Justice, his god and goddess when giving thanks, asking for divine aide……or bringing imprecations down on someone or something’’s head.


Elandriil...or ‘Landrii to those that know him well, is the more responsible, more patient of the pair of Datari brothers. His Rage is slower to trigger, he does not, however, tolerate disrespect or harassment to himself or others. He tends to be protective of the little brother, but not in matters of brawling or standing on his own...’Landrii is more worried about Areq’s heart than his body.


‘Landrii tends to dress in black trousers, a black tunic shirt embroidered about the cuffs and banded collar with the Datari house symbols, dark green ivy and silver, rising eagles as well as comfortable, mid-calf boots, however, like all of his kind, Areq’’s ’’street-clothes’’ can be replaced in an instant of ’’shift-work’’ with a lapis blue quilted ’’shirt’’, silver light-armour, black trousers and heavy black boots.

Weapons and Gifts:

In addition to his natural ability to form blades and spikes from his own scale in two-legger form, Elandriil Datari carries a longsword, he also generally will have any number of the usual boot, belt and throwing knives with him at any given time. As a Silver, he is able to use lightning or ice as a breath weapons, however, he is also gifted by his goddess and god with the Blacks’’ equivalent of the Flame. This gift manifests itself in two ways, either lightning or ice, depending on his intentions and is cast from the hand.

Scars and Marks:

On ‘Landrii’s shoulder is the Blackthorn crest, the rampant Black Dragon in a wreath of Black and Silver thorns. It is the bloodmark to not only Araxmarr, but Yarwin as well. He has no other tattoo or blood/bond mark aside from this.

*Phonetical pronunciation: soft eh, lan *as in land* dree ehl. Silver names tend to be more Elven in their pronunciation, whereas Black names tend to be more Drowish.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Gabriel Aubry