Character Details - Dante ab Rhiannon

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Name: Dante' ab Rhinnon *son of Rhiannon*
Race:  Aerdonian Human, formerly a WarEagle
Age: Appears in his mid-30's, human standards, actual age is unknown even to him.
Eye Color: Warm brown shot through with gold
Hair: Dark sandy blonde
Height: 5' 11"

Background: Dante is the son of Rhiannon, a WarEagle who served first Kyra Eldredae, then later, Owen Diamondwood. After the attack on Kyra and Owen's village that left Rhia's mate dead, Rhiannon served only Task, her son Dante' eventually coming to the Keep to serve Callan Blackthorn. Dante' was born into his life in eagle form, hatched from an egg like any other avian raptor, but where Aerdon's WarEagles differ, is in genetic memories. WarEagles were not always so, in fact, in a far distant time, they were human rangers who fought in the war between the Creatures of Light and the Son's of Man. Cursed by an Eldredae sorceress, the Rangers were damned to a life of servitude to the Elven kind of Aerdon.

Dante was released from this curse by Xraden, god of Chaos, in reward for his valor in the battles for Corin, as well as out of sympathy. Dante' was the last of the TRUE WarEagles, all others having been forced to breed with common eagles or die out.

Personality and General Information: In human form, Dante' is still learning to adjust to his new center of gravity. His memories provided him with basic knowledge of language and mannerisms, but he will occassionly use slang in the wrong context. He has considered B'Elya D'Riel a close friend since meeting her at the Silver Dryad in eagle form, and wanted to take the relationship further, but time proved they were not to be. 

Dante' tends to be quiet and thoughtful, but the hot-tempered, fiercely protective nature of his WarEagle persona can and does surface when a close friend or loved one is threatened.

Appearance: Comfortable tunics, leather trousers and boots are Dante's usual attire of choice.  He wears his hair long and loose but will bind it back when riding or about to go into battle. He normally keeps a short beard, trimmed close, has expressive brown eyes and is of medium build. 

During times of war or even for ceramonial purposes, Dante' has a set of armor, made for him as a gift by Callan Blackthorn himself.  It is a close replica of that would have been worn by Dante's ancestors and he wears it with pride, despite the curious looks he receives when travelling through the Rualudnahm.

Weapons: Dante' is still learning weaponry and battle techniques, but has already nearly mastered the use of the long bow. He can and does fight well with blades, but once again, is still learning.


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Karl Urban as Eomer from LOTR