Character Details - Alick Ma'Kell

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Name: Alick Ma'Kell
Meaning: Protector's Heart Wanderer
Age: 1100(ish)
Eyes: Steel grey
Hair: Brown with sun highlights
Height: 6' 1"


Alick is a loving soul, caring and gentle, but also very mischevious when the mood takes him. However, he is also very protective of those he cares for, and number one on this list is his Queen, Helena Corinth.


Alick's family is almost as old as the ruling family of Ingraleis, and very closely tied with them. Most of the family is or was part of the Royal Guard, and since the formation of the Council, the eldest member of the family has sat on it. At the moment this is Alick - Lord Ma'Kell.

During his younger days, Alick was matched to a young Lady of a "suitable family" - Elane - and they were married. Alick's preferences were no secret from his wife, who was quite in love with someone else, and for the mainstay of the marriage the two lived quite seperate private lives. It was only when� Elane's family began making threats to dissolve the marriage and expose both Alick and his wife was the marriage consumated between the pair, resulting in a daughter - Morienne.

Shortly after Morienne's birth, Auriana gained power. Both Alick and� Elane were involved in the battles with the Dark Queen, who eventually took Elane's life. Alick was blamed for this by her family, who absconded with Morienne one night - Alick has not seen her since, and misses her terribly.

Since Auriana's defeat, Alick has taken it upon himself to protect his young Queen, not only as her Protector from outside forces, but also in her battles against a sometimes constricting and arrogant Council. He is, above all, fair.


Alick has no bondmarks or other real distinguishing marks, save for one long scar down his left hand side, from� slightly below his armpit to mid-hip. The scar is from a near-deadly blow taken during the battles with Auriana.

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