Character Details - Jedrie Aedan

Written by GhetsuhmLast Edited : 11-Jun-2006 9:14:06 pm

Jedrie is the 'ward' of James Circe. She is 5'10", slim, blonde, blue-eyed and appears to be about twenty years old. She is a curious mixture of innocence and sophistication.

She has apparently lived her whole life on Circe's island. The daughter of two of Circe's 'retainers', he adopted her when her parents mysteriously died.

She can control some small magics her guardian has taught her, but she has little interest in pursuing that study. She is devoted to Circe and content with the restrictions he has placed on her. She enjoys music, has a lovely singing voice and can play several instruments. She is also strong and very fit, a good runner and swimmer.

Her nature is friendly and flirtatious, but she is not as open as she appears. She is quick to anger when her guardian is criticised or threatened, but there are other passions in her that have yet to be unlocked.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jeri Ryan