Character Details - Kerrigan Rain

Written by Justin RainLast Edited : 23-Jan-2006 4:30:39 pm

Height:  5' 11"
Hair:  Dark blonde
Eyes:  blue

Age:  Approximately 1,500

Distinguishing marks:  Fairy wings, bondmark of rose and tiger on the right juncture of his neck.  Scar of the Neuth'Ra bond of Kaylin's bite on the left juncture of his neck. 

Jewlery:  A milky colored rock.   Which enabled him to open the portal that saved his clan that stayed behind on Ireland when it was under attack.

Smell;  Roses and Cedar, although Kaylin says he smells like cotton candy.

Soul Color;  Irridescent rainbow color representing the pixies, with strands of gold jumping out from place to place representing the gold of his fathers heritage.  Mingling on the outsides of this are the tendrils of his mates soul which are constantly growing and entangling in his.  This would be a mint green color. 

History;   Kerrigan chose to stay behind when the majority of his family immigrated to Garden.  He loved his land, and believed the roses would protect him.  Instead they ended up fighting more and more to protect their way of life.  Until finally Brendon Urdrul ravaged the village and destroyed the roses that protected them.   His wife died in a desperate attempt to protect them while Kerrigan desperately attempted to find a place safe for them.

The place they found  was in Ceas a world of hell.  And once they got there they couldn't get back out.   As magic was almost null, and they couldn't portal.  He was only able to leave one clue as to their wear-abouts.  Something his father eventually discovered and rescued them.   The world they found was a planet on which things were hard to grow and they scrapped and fought for a living. 

Kerrigan's magic tends to be on his mothers side of things rather then his fathers.  He is unable to use balefire, or handfire.  Although he can grow flowers from seed instantly which is a garden elf trait.    And he can't speak to animals which is a gift from his fathers side.  Although he and Staerie manage fairly well. 

Kerrigan typically travels with Staerie his falcon companion, and is a well-equipped horseman.   They managed to take their horses into Ceas with them, and managed to keep them alive, although it was no easy task. 

As a result he's almost forgotten how to be joyful and will struggle to fit into the new world he's been brought to.

He is the father of five children whom he has raised on his own with the help of the clan members who survived. 

On a visit to Catheska Kerrigan met his Joy, Kaylin Ktral Alcarin.   It appears pixies have a thing for Alcarin's.   The two of them after having a wild romp bonded, and are currently engaged, and expecting quadruplets. 


Kerrigan user name also functions as a human with no magical powers.  He too is a widower originating from Ireland.   He has no children and travels restlessly looking for a reason to continue on.  

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